Upcoming Dallas Quilt Show

queensideThis is an event I have attended three times.  And their are so many takeaways.  Nothing like a quilt show to get the creative juices flowing (not sure if mine ever turn off).

I immensely enjoy admiring all the hard work that goes into each project.  I have always wanted to submit one of mine, but am a little scared to do so.  I have made many quilts, and about 10 years ago finished a drunkards path made into a memory quilt from grandmas fabric stash and grandpas clothes.

While it was at the longarmers, women made money offers lusting after all my hard work.  So that year I decided to enter it into our small county fair.  That year was a great turn out for quilting fans.  The numbers  were vast.  I walked away that year with a participation ribbon and a jaded attitude about the whole process.  You see the woman who has a quilt shop won.  It was a hand embroidered quilt.  Each square was part of the sign language alphabet. My jaded attitude was from the fact she was in the community as a professional.  Since she saw first hand all the quilts going through that process I deemed it kind of cheating.  I never entered another quilt.  Each year I visit that section of our county fair, the numbers dwindle.  So perhaps I am not the only jaded person of this process.

I have grown a bit, and know that quilt was the true winner.  But at the same time wonder if this was her way of attracting business.

So now, I just attend these things.  It is a day to spend alone (without children) with a gob of people, if that makes any sense.  I get to interact with the quilting community without saying much.  And then there is the shopping aspect!  Not bargain priced, but part of the enjoyment nonetheless!  So, next weekend I will be there, my ticket is already in hand.  Will I see you there? Or will I see your work?

In other “not news”, my sewing nook has not been touched since Monday.  Still sewing on en provence.  Been working over this week at work and one evening took the car for repairs 45 minutes away, so no time for my craft. This evening looks promising!


One thought on “Upcoming Dallas Quilt Show

  1. I’ve never bothered entering my quilts in competitions. I think they’re beautiful and I wouldn’t want someone else’s opinion to dampen that feeling. I haven’t been to a quilt show in years. They don’t seem to be as common as they once were. Have a great day.


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