Dallas Quilt Show Pictures

Comparing this event with previous years, this year the numbers were down.  I say this as I was able to take all these pictures without waiting for someone to move out of the way.  Usually you have to wait just to look at them, let alone get a snap shot.  Quilters Eye Candy……..

This was a previous quilt in years past which made another showing.  Wonderful, artfully done!

This quilt was electrifying!  And the quilting with orange and yellow threads was a nice touch!


This won a ribbon in the big block category.  It kinda reminds me of a godseye.  The quilting is a wow factor!

I visited the Bobbin Lace making group.  They actually have a lace making guild in Dallas.  This fascinates me.  I have watched this done many times on youtube and want to get into the hobby.  It is relatively inexpensive.  But I already have a hobby cramping my free time for other hobbies.

In talking with these lovely ladies, they spoke of Princess Diana’s wedding dress was done in a style of homemade bobbin lace.  There were not all flowers on the dress.  The people who made the lace put a bunch of symbols in, each having a different meaning.  I did not know of bobbin lace in 1980 as I was not even 10 years old.  I will have to look up more info on this factoid as it is pretty interesting.


A cathedral windows quilt.  I have always wanted to try making one of these but am afraid this would be a forever UFO.  When I snapped this photo I did not realize the sub-pieced units behind the white edges.  A lot of work on many levels, this quilter has my upmost respect.


This quilt was sparsely pieced but has such a big impact.  I forgot to look at the name of this one, but it reminds me of a chicken foot.


A ribbon granted to the owner of this jewel.  Circle pieced quilts are a geometry phenomenon.  A wonder.  A puzzle how they accomplish this to this quilters mind anyway.

A stunning rendition of a log cabin with clamshell goodness.  Wonderful tidbit on the credits of the quilt.  Very unusual and admirable too.  This one shimmered!

I will share more photos soon this is just a small sampling.  Keep checking back.  Until then, happy quilting!

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