Furry Vest–An Easy Sewing Project

In a previous post I mentioned my free fabric score.  To read more about that click here.  I kept all quilting cottons and a scrap piece of fur.  Hands were all over that stupid piece of fur.  No one could leave it alone.  So I kept it, wondering what I would turn it into.  I purposely hid it so it would still be a good piece of fabric.

A couple of weeks ago I went antiquing.  And of all things came across a gray fur vest trimmed in leather.  Odd that it was fake fur (a really bad fake) with leather trim.  The leather was cracked and dried out.  But the cut of the vest was easy enough.  It was a rectangle with holes cut in it for arms.  And then the way the vest would drape around you was brilliant.  So I mentally noted the details.  And here came the weekend when I tackled this small sewing project.  There are a couple of things if I ever make another one I will change, but for it’s purposes, it will work.  I will add a closure to the front so either piece doesn’t have to overlap the other.  The one at the antique store was fastened with a button which made the symmetry off kilter (which is in now).

I am far from high fashion.  High fashion doesn’t make sense to me, what makes sense is comfort then looks.

In going with the scheme of the fur I picked out some quilters cat fabric I bet I have had lingering in my stash for 20 years and bound the edges and here is the end result.  It is child sized.  (With this being fur, I wish I would have lined it because the fur will end up migrating or bearding to the non-fur side.  You can see a bit of that happening below).  I recommend if you adults try to make this for yourselves to turn the cloth on point so you will have a nice pointed collar on each side plus and collar that will drape just right along the back.  You will also end up with points on the base of the vest which goes with the hemlines of today.

I only had a small 3 inch by a tapering 3 inch piece that went to waste.  I also made sure if you pet the fur it goes from top to bottom.

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