2017 Dallas Quilt Show Continued

I am offering another post sampling beautiful quilts from the 2017 Dallas Quilt Show.


Above is a bunch of dog ears that have been trimmed off from blocks which are so small they go into the trash.  This was last years winner, I recall seeing this one last year and am so glad I had my camera this year.  This is true art.  Make SOMEthing out of NOthing.

Below is the needle and thread mascot seen at many shows with the Graphic that also grazed the front page of the guild catalog they handed out while I was standing in line.


The quilt below put a smile on my face and spoke to my inner Christmas child.  Each year, mom would take out an elf and say it was always watching us, reporting back to Santa.  So if we were bad as children, word would get out.  This elf was manipulation in behavior.  I was the good child.  I was never intimidated by it, but it drove my brother (the bad child) bonkers.  I believe my mother finally gave him the green elf that looks just like the second one from the left in this lovely quilt.  Listed below this picture are the quilt credits.elfontheshelfelfontheshelfcredits

Below is the feathered star pattern.  One day I will tackle my own rendition of this.  The subtle, earthy, cool tones are a wonderful palette of nature and calmness.  It reminds me of snowflakes with a little dirty snow, keeping warm during a cold winter night.  Snuggling under a quilt….nothing better!featheredstar

A simple granny square block.  It looks vintage, but brand new.  I admire old quilts because there was much more effort put toward the craft.  Nowadays, we have all these short cuts and inventions that make a process like this go so fast.  It reminds me of simpler times, almost happier times but happier is the incorrect word.  Maybe the word I am looking for is content.grannysquare

I still have several more pictures and will upload those sometime in the next week.  My sewing machine goes in for maintenance this weekend and I will probably not be able to sew a thing.

I did purchase two quilting books at the quilt show which I have been looking to buy for quite a long time.  These books because they are sold out everywhere ended up being pricey.  However, I am thinking about starting a tv watching quilt project where I can do some hand work in the evenings because I am going to attempt a la passacaglia.  I may just make one medallion but those Millefiori quilt books have been calling my name for a long, long time.  I sign off tonight with nothing to sew, and it will probably drive me a little crazy.  Quilting does keep the crazies away.  🙂 It is good therapy.

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