La Passacaglia…Now a Member!

Hello readers!  On a previous post I mentioned my sewing machine went in for maintenance.  I have not sewn in a week.  I miss that chaos, the challenge of fitting it into my busy life.  But once you have a habit, it is very hard to just quit cold turkey.

While visiting the Dallas Quilt Show this year I invested in two books.  Millefiori and Millefiori II.  I have admired the La Passacaglia quilts on pinterest and thought this was a prime opportunity to try out my hand sewing with this English Paper Piecing technique.

About 15 years ago I put together a grandmothers flower garden quilt but I refused to paper piece it.  Instead I just stopped sewing 1/4 inch from each hexagon edge.  I had very little money back then and liked the fact I could buy a fat quarter and mix and match what little stash I had to make a block.  A one block quilt, is hard for me, grandmother’s flower garden was extremely hard to keep going.

I relish the differences in angles and blocks when making a quilt so for it only to have one type of patch work is kinda boring.  La Passacaglia is perfect to keep my boredom in check.  It is easy to take with you, and even easier to sit in front of a television and stitch when nothing is really on that you like anyway.  So on the bandwagon I have jumped.  I know the millefiori quilts may be a fad and hence I took my sweet time purchasing the books.  I have looked at other blogs where they are english paper piecing and I admire the fussy cutting of the pieces to have a wow impact on the movement in the block.  How big will I make mine?  I guess until I exhaust the idea.  My plan is to make a wall hanging for above the bed.  I would love to make a bed size version but would be afraid of all the work I put into it for my hand stitching to come undone.  I have made these knots for years when binding and none have ever come lose.  I also plan on using the stars and pentagons to trim out my Jack’s Chain Circle quilt.  It will be a good way to use a scalloped border with a big impact.

In the meantime I will be perfecting my stitches not showing.  Any of you have any good tips regarding this?  My book says to catch about two threads of each piece when hand stitching together.  I think I may need magnifiers to achieve this because I either take the stitches too shallow or too deep.  I cannot find my camera so the one I am working on will have to say cheese later.

Now back to my sewing machine.  As I suspected there was a part that had become defective over time and needed replaced.  Did the part cost a lot of money?  Nope less than $10.  It will be coming home this evening.  I will start back on en provence.  I will see how it sews.  I am hoping that the problems I had while FMQing, was due to this part being broken which created a tension problem on the underside.  If everything behaves I will have en provence ready to quilt in no time as well as my jelly roll race.  I plan on feathering both of those quilts like the dickens.

Alright, you have suffered enough with my rambling, pictures coming soon.  Have a great weekend!


One thought on “La Passacaglia…Now a Member!

  1. I’m with you. I’ve avoided paper pieced hexagons even though they’ve been all the rage here. It’s so easy to machine piece them. For hand stitching I tend to catch the fabric a thread or two under the edge rather than right on the edge. The stitches disappear and you can’t see them at all. I match the thread colour to the fabric I’m appliqueing too.

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