Sunday Sign Off

Priorities are sometimes necessary evils.  If I did not go to work to earn money, I would not have the computer to type the text you are reading today.  I would also not be able to support my hobby.  However, if I had no money the hobby budget would get cut first because of its low priority.

It has been a long week.  I am employed and enjoy my job.  I missed a few days because one car was getting recalls repaired, whilst the other car decided to completely break down (did I mention, no phone, in the middle of no where, with plenty of farm dogs.  Farms don’t just have one dog these days they may have 3 or more.   And a 2 1/2 mile walk to safety.  The nearest town became guardian angels because it died in the middle of the road as I was unable to push it to the ditch, fire trucks surrounded it in the lane to protect it from those yaking on their phones and driving way too fast,  The sheriff dept also cameo’ed in the midst.)  The repair bill will exceed $3000.  Corrosion in the wire harness that goes to the computer which all is under the hood and is exposed to the elements.  To this point both cars are paid for however, the one that left me stranded is only 5 years old and out of warranty.  My mind goes a bit crazy trying to figure out why this happened.

In my previous post I spoke of my machine being down.  My hoping foot broke.  This foot exceeds $50.  So, I will put off quilting for a bit until I can recoup my losses.  I can always piece together one of my UFOs and that is an option to relieve all the stressors around me, gnawing my craw.  Sewing is not a monetary priority, but I will figure out a way.  I did manage my hobby when I was dirt poor, so my make do attitude will give me a good kick in the pants.

In the meantime I will continue with EPP and La Passacaglia.  It is a slow even process that is calming, but when you have little ones around it is not all that calming until after they have went to bed.  I will have time to do some rearranging of the sewing space and getting out a UFO to finish piecing.  I really hate not finishing Jelly Roll Wrong, but I am certain it has more patience than I and will wait for another day.

I will not abandon this blog, but I think I will take some time to focus on something else.  Perhaps work overtime to get closer to my +$3000 repair bill.  So today I am signing off.  No pictures, just words, afforded by having a good life.  Will you hear from me again?  Yup.  When you ask?  That is do be determined.  Now I am off, probably to go mow the lawn or something.  If you miss my posts too much you can always go back in the time and read all about my past quilting adventures.  Thanks for visiting!  And come back soon!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Sign Off

  1. I am sorry to hear your car troubles! I had one die once in the left turn lane of a 14-lane intersection – fortunately just before I turned out into traffic or I would have blocked a whole bunch of those lanes (and of course possibly been hit!) and it was because the emissions testing equipment was up for its 10 year replacement or something stupid like that! But there is never a good time for your transportation to quit on you. Glad you are safe and that you are already planning how to get things fixed and back to normal.


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