Just dropping in to say hello!

Life has it’s ups and downs.  I probably don’t have to tell you that.  I do have a bit of good news.  My sewing machine foot that was broken (keyword was), I have fixed for now with some clear epoxy and have been quilting away on the Jelly Roll Wrong quilt.  To see the quilt with little detail you can click on the link here.  Yup that is me the pudgy one sporting my t-shirt that has Bob Ross on the front that says “No mistakes, just happy accidents”, which could be my motto.

On the note of Jelly Roll Wrong, when I started quilting it, my sewing machine prefers a heavyweight thread.  And so for years I have been buying vintage Star thread which is no longer made.  You can also buy a newer version of this heavier weight thread at joanns but only in black and white and I really like color.

So I picked out a blue periwinkle and knew I would run out, and that has happened.  So alot of the strips of the quilt will be with blue thread and now I am using white.  Not so bothered by that as it is a quilt to use and one day someone will gaze upon it and note how I must have struggled to get it together (ha-ha).

On a same but different note.  One of our female cats was pregnant slated to give birth sometime in late may.  Earlier in the week you could tell something was not right.  She did not feel good and just kind of laid around but did not offer any social interaction with us humans (some of you are probably thinking this sounds normal for the average cat).  Yesterday she had 1 live baby and 3 dead ones, with the live one not being taken care of.  They had all their extremities and were just very tiny and premature.  Sadly, where I was quilting the quilt, she must have found comfort being close to me in my absence on my project and had one on the jelly roll wrong quilt.  So there is afterbirth and blood on a portion of the quilt that is still under my domestic sewing machine.  I know I can get the blood out with peroxide and then using a stain remover (and because nothing was prewashed all the sizing is in the fabric and will help out with stain removal, but I cannot do this until the quilt is finished.  So this jelly roll wrong quilt may be renamed.  The good news is the portion she aborted on, was quilted so I will not be needling that area.  I will take any suggestions offered to take command over the stain removal and how to proceed with this unplanned event.

The car is still broken and due to my skills I have built up over the years, I am going to attempt to fix it myself.  With the wonder of youtube videos and being good with wiring and a wrench, I think I can I think I can :).  I may only be out the costs of towing, dealership diagnostic fees and purchasing a new brain for the car.  My repair bill will hopefully come in just under $1000.

Each month this year, something terrible has happened.  It started with my mother having a stroke and her recovery.  Then I hit a dog.  Then the car stranded me deciding to break down.  The cat had dead babies.  I wonder what next month holds?  None of these things are truly bad.  It is just a string of ongoing madness.  I will remain optimistic on all these things and wonder what doors are being opened for me down the road because of said strings.

Thank you followers and readers for your positive encouragement!   Sometimes a kind word to a complete stranger goes a long way.  You have became the wind beneath my wings and have uplifted my spirits and I will quilt on.  It is good therapy!

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