Iron Caddy Tote – A great Mother’s Day Gift!

While perusing the internet a few weeks back I came across a pattern for an iron to stow away after class and to be able to pack it up without it cooling down.  Since my iron was made back in the 50s it takes about 2 hours for it to cool down.  My logic for this to just have around the house, I can actually bottle my iron up while it is cooling down and I do not have to worry about the children knocking it off the ironing board and getting burned.  The neat thing about this also, is the reverse side of the bag is made with aluminized fabric so you can iron your projects while in class, sitting down at your table and not worrying about burning or melting the table.  Dual purpose…I love utilitarian items I can make.  I made the spools one first and wish I had enough of that fabric print for a second one.  So Mom was the recipient of the spool caddy and loved it.  The second one, I made for myself.  I gravitate towards turquoise, and picked out that print for mine.  For those of you who attempt to make one of these, it is crucial that you have a walking foot to eliminate fabric layers puckering.  I found a free pattern here with a supply list.  I decided not to use elastic and buttons on the ones I made and sewed on hook and eyelet.  The pattern if you do purchase is a good buy because it comes with enough aluminized fabric to make one.  I purchased a yard of aluminized fabric and after paying shipping fees came close to the price of the pattern.  I also had to make my own pattern as instructed in the link.  You have to find the center line of your pattern and work outwardly.  It required thinking and math.  If you can’t or don’t do math I highly recommend the pattern here.

I wish now I had more fabric so I could make one more for another family member who has the sewing hobby.


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