Free your ugly fabric from it’s prison!

There is a saying, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Those of us that sew, have fabric that has accumulated over the years.  We buy said fabric when it is on sale.  That fabric waits for us to use in our projects.  Some of this fabric waits and waits.  And after time lapses you go through your stash and touch that same piece of fabric over and over, nothing seems to go with it or match it.  The relationship you have formed with that piece of cloth changes from excitement from a great buy, to wondering why you have allowed it to take up valuable real estate in your stash.  We keep hanging onto that piece of cloth and become frustrated because we cannot sew with it.  So, what does one do?

I have created a group that will be having an ugly fabric swap.  The idea of this is one of adventure.  Like I said beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  What I may deem is ugly, could pleasantly surprise it’s new owner.  Those of you interested in joining this swap can click on this link.  You will have to have an account to be able to join.  Doesn’t this sound fun?  The picture I have associated with this groups ugliness, I do not deem ugly, but unuseable.  Will you be getting this fabric?  No….it is something that came up when I searched for ugly fabric.  I actually think it is cute.IMG_0007

This swap will be for 10 inch squares.  Just think of the ugly quilt you could make with all those squares!  All it will cost you is postage.  You will be freeing that fabric from it’s prison!

Here are the rules:  note please refer to the rules for changes within the link above

This is for fun, and you may get skull fabric, or ladies with fruit shaped butts (I don’t think the fabric selected for the picture is necessarily ugly, just inappropriate for my sewing needs.)

The dont’s : no holiday fabric, which includes Christmas, thanksgiving, Easter, st Patrick’s. No flannels. No selvage included in your 10 inch square cut.

At midnight on August 1st this group will close and a head count will be tallied. The headcount will determine how many baggies you will make. So, if 22 people join the group, each person is responsible for stuffing 22 baggies with 2 ten inch squares inside each baggie. Which equals 44 squares, you will only send 21 baggies and keep one for yourself. The fabrics in your baggies have to be two different fabrics. I understand if this is successful with a large number of participants, you may not have two pieces of fabric large enough for all those baggies. Go to that stash and find more you do not like, just make sure each baggie has 2 different fabrics inside.

By signing up for this fun group you will be responsible for making the Aug 15th deadline. Once I receive all envelopes, I will sort baggies to new envelopes and return back to you. Please include proper postage for your return envelope. The best way to achieve your return envelope is to make an envelope out to yourself and visit the post office and prepay the envelope. Or you can send me the money for postage and I will take care of it getting back to you. The priority mailing envelopes are free at the post office and come in 2 sizes. Size/price will be determined by number of participants. If you can fit all your baggies into the envelope, chances are the return envelope used will be the same size so plan accordingly.

I am the moderator of this group and can change things up, because I may have forgotten something important. So check back and read this the rules in the forum link stated above,  to make sure the communication lines are open. By moderating this group I have a responsibility to get the envelopes back to you and will do so in a timely manner. After I receive the last package I have seven business days to get them back to the post office so you can see what surprises await you.

Please put your nickname/name on or in the baggies. Please include allergen information regarding smoking and pets. Who knows maybe your “ugly” fabric may be a hit with the group and the forum members can contact you about acquiring more of your “ugly” fabric.

I hope I have not forgotten anything. If you have questions I will do my best to answer them timely. Let’s have some ugly fabric fun!


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