Sheet Quilt Progress

Slow and steady wins the race, right?  I have made great strides in this sheet quilt.  The center postage stamp design is completed.  I have added a pink border.  In my previous post I elected white as my border, but after looking in my stash, I had no white.  The off white I have, has a funny sheen to it like polished broadcloth and inappropriate for this quilt.  I did find yardage in my stash of this lovely pink.  You can read how I acquired that fabric here.  I do have more postage stamp on point borders to go around this pink section, but those are still being worked on and not ready for reveal.  This interfacing grid is amazing and things stay so square!

So here are a few pictures of this quilts progress.  Notice how grainy my photos are.  I have messed with my camera and the hues are funny.  Got that fixed and now I have a grainy-ness.  I hope this does not mean I need to purchase a new camera.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Going backwards in time with this slide show.  From sheet fat quarters, to squares, to layout, to stitched together, to the present.  Oh and always remember your gift is the present.




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