No Sheet

No progress in the sewing dept.  But I did fix my camera so I am going to repost with new photos so you can get a more accurate look of the vintage sheet postage stamp quilt I am making.

So I have done absolutely no sewing.  Things going on are preventing me from visiting my sewing table.  However, I have found a long arm machine that I am going to purchase.  I will then have to get a table for it, I don’t have room for a frame.  I have located one of those very reasonably priced as well.  My whole setup will only cost less than $1000.  And I will post that once it happens.  🙂

Something about red eye settings and any of my cameras past and present does not like (perhaps this is my eyes seeing it differently than it is).  The oranges, reds, and yellows all go askew and are greatly contrasting and grainy as compared to now.

Also, for those of you interested don’t forget I am hosting an ugly fabric swap.  I would be delighted if you join.  The more, the merrier!  Visit the details here.  And please visit my other blog, the cookbookproject.  I have recently posted a recipe for delicious  homemade biscuits.

Off to catch up the dishes and the laundry!


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