Fabric to the second power

Or another way to say fabric to the second power is fabric cubed or fabric squared.  Simple quilts with just squares and no angles can be quite striking.  I have acquired a twin size quilt top.  These look to be velveteen, velour,  or corduroy, I didn’t ask because I think their texture is neat and it will become yet another utilitarian quilt, to be used and abused until it cannot take our abuse anymore. Now I am dreaming of FMQ on a longarm waiting paitently, excitedly.  I think this top deserves a quilt motif like the one in this Angela Walters video.  Or how about this paisley feathers video.  I know I will be able to do the paisley one on my DSM at anytime because I have already practiced feathers on two large quilts, which really refines your technique and embeds it within so you do not forget said technique when you do it at a later time.


I have also acquired some sail boats which will make another small project sometime.  There is something about someone elses’ UFO that really appeals to me.  Finding something, someone else worked hard on, but for whatever reason was unable to finish.  I find the idea of completion kind of romantic in that it was that objects destiny to be completed.  (Yet I have all my UFOs romantically waiting in their storage.  Delusions of Quilting Grandeur)


And I also acquired some rail fence with 9 patch goodness.  These are so hodge-podge I have no clue as to what do to with them.  Perhaps something for the kitchen.  Any of you have ideas please share them in the comments section.


Still no sewing on the home front.  I am having somewhat of an health issue (which I have had all my life, but for whatever reason is rearing its ugly head way too frequently now) makes me so tired that I save my energy for work and family and sometimes family gets cheated.  All hobbies are closed down temporarily.  But that does not mean this girl is stopping her quilting dreams.  Better said in this song.

I look forward to hearing from you!  Thank you for following/reading my blog!  Don’t forget to visit my other blog.  You can read all my recipes here.

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