Summertime Fabric Swap Complete

A small group of us gals in the Missouri Star Quilt Co forums got together and swapped orange, red and yellow fabrics,  The results came in the mail today.  This was a very successful swap.  The colors selected are beautiful together and will make a marvelous quilt one day.  I can’t wait to start cutting and stitching on this beautiful fabric.  Perhaps soon.  So did the group do well?  You decide.

I am currently in a similar swap like this that closes Aug 1st and deals with 10 inch squares of ugly fabric.  If you are interested in joining, read my previous blog post and learn how to join.

I look at these colors and it definitely communicates summertime to me.  Reminds me of heat/ flames and the hot sun.


I contributed the 4 on the right.  All of these were fabrics given to me by a work mate.  Nothing spoken for as far as projects, but workable.  Nothing like taking fabric from your stash and making a layer cake of so many different prints.

Two Thumbs up!

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