A Drum Roll Please! Introducing……

A week ago, I received a shipment that contained my longarm quilting machine.  I bought this machine used and in unguaranteed condition.  I purchased this as a risk, gambling on the odds of it working for me.

This machine does not have a power cord, so I will be hunting one of those up.  After doing much research on the matter, I can either find an old machine with this foot pedal, or go purchase a new one directly from the man who manufactures the machine.


Unfortunately, during the shipment/packaging process the bobbin housing was broken.  Cheap pot metal was used.  And it laying face down in bubble wrap cause the case to be pressed upon easily breaking the most integral part of the machine.

You see the bobbin, race, hook, and cap are part of the timing.  I called for an estimate on that and for the part would be around $100.  Can I fix this myself?  Hmmmm….that is to be determined.  The odds are in my favor.  Remember I have fixed my big screen tv and helped fix the car.  I will be ordering the part and finding out if I can fix the machine.  If I cannot, I reckon any sewing repair shop should be able to help me if I pay them enough.


So, even though I am now an owner of a longarm, I cannot use it until the kinks are worked out.  I have quilt tops waiting patiently.   My Memory Craft 9000 does an awesome job, but it is quite a workout with the larger quilts since the throat space is only 6 inches.  I will now have a large 15 inches which will definitely get the job done.

I will also have to fabricate a piece of plexiglass to use as a platform for quilting until I can get a table that I want.  I am still debating on a used ping pong table with a modification to the right corner to drop the machine into.  And when I am done for the day I can just fold it up.  This machine is considered portable weighing less than 30 lbs.  Or I could buy one of the manufacturer tables for $600.  As simple as the footprint is of this machine, a piece of plexiglass for any table I find should be easy enough to cut, hinge, and use.  I will have to have plexiglass for the front portion anyway because it has the singer class 15 bobbin case and bobbin which is awkwardly at the front.

As crude as this machine is, there are online videos showing you how to fix and maintain your machine.  This was a selling point to me because I would not be out an expense of cleaning and maintenance.  Once a year the Janome has to go into the shop for this purpose and that cost $150.  So it is another form of savings in the long run.

A drum Roll Please!  Introducing the Bailey Home Quilter Pro15


Crude looking machine, but all mechanical.  If you start at the bottom of the barrel there is only one direction you can go….up!


5 thoughts on “A Drum Roll Please! Introducing……

  1. I have a Bailey. It got jammed up on me a about a year and a half ago. I took it to a place in McKinney off 75. It cost about $180 to get it looked at and fixed. I think it may have been the timing. The machine is easy to keep clean. Mine is a 13″
    Do you plan to put it on a frame. It is my understanding they can go on a Grace frame. Mine is on a handmade frame that I bought many years ago from a friend’s son. He was making them to try to make machine quilting more affordable.
    BTW, I am a friend of Sherry’s. You can come look at my set up if you want.


  2. Hi.. GrammaBabs here!!! (M* forum member)… I see you have the Bailey… Chuck at Bailey is a wonderful man… He will help you if you need it… One of the biggest challenges for me was finding thread! For me… Signature works every time.. it is 40 weight.. I had started with Superior and finer but it kept breaking… Also.. found the plastic bobbins somewhere on the net for a great price… if you want to know i will check,, thinking Amazon.. you do go thru bobbins quickly… Mine is on a Grace Pinnacle Frame..


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