Prepping for the Ugly Fabric Swap

If any of you have been in any kind of internet swap, they are amazing.  You have access to fabrics that may have been retired or lingering in a stash for a long time that you have never seen before.  Usually fabric swaps have a theme.  I have participated in a polka dot swap, where all fabrics were polka dots.  That made an amazing quilt.  I had two difference pieces of polka dot yardage, trimmed it down to 10 inch squares, swapped with 35 people and ended up with 68 different 10 inch squares.


Another successful swap I was in was with fat quarters and vintage sheets.  See those results here.

The most recent swap I was in was called a summertime swap.  In this swap we each swapped 10 inch squares in the theme of reds, oranges, and yellows.  You can see the results of that swap here.  One day this will be a fun quilt to make, I just have not planned that one out yet.

And here I am starching, pressing, and cutting fabrics ready for the Ugly Fabric Swap.  Yes that is right, there ARE ugly fabrics out there.  Some of these fabrics I am working this weekend were given to me.  They were good quality quilters cottons, so I hung on to them.

During the making of En Provence with the quilt along Bonnie hunter had, I used oodles of the ugly in that quilt.  The quilt turned out pretty good considering it was of fabrics I did not care for.  Go figure


My plan with the ugly fabrics I receive in the swap this time around will make another tumbler quilt.  I have received one envelope of someone else’s uglies and I must say, I thought mine were ugly.  They are but not to that degree.

For those of you have a couple of fabrics in your stash that have been lingering a little too long, maybe it is time to swap them for something,,,er,,,,better?  Our group is currently closed, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have another one some day.  Learn how to join here.

And after much research, I decided to go out into the wild blue yonder called the internet and figure out what foot pedal I needed for my Bailey’s Home Quilter Pro15.


Those foot pedals cost between $79 and $100.  My research paid off as I found a generic cord on amazon for only $26 and some change.  After studying this machine closely and knowing my mechanical knowledge I think I am just going to order the part for the sewing machine and fix it myself.  All I need is an alan wrench and a screw driver.

I am actually feeling good enough today to sew!  After touching and feeling all that fabric it has gotten me all worked up, with romantic quilting thoughts.  So my love affair will continue, hopefully hot and heavy today!!!!


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