Stumbling…er tumbling? along

I am still fumbling, stumbling along with the postage stamp sheet quilt.


It now has 3 sides and the fourth one is in progress.  I have not sewn much lately because I have not been feeling up to it.  The Texas heat with all the rain and humidity has made deplorable conditions for my hobby.  It is in the hot corner of the house.  And so, sewing is limited to the cooler hours of the morning.

During our power outage today I wanted to work something so I decided to gather some of my stash and cut it up.  After being inspired by Bonnie Hunters method of her scrap users system, I decided to take my left over charm squares, all the 6 inch squares I recently acquired, as well as some fat quarters and left over layer cake and cut them into a leader ender to sit beside my sewing machine.  I did not count how much yardage I actually cut, but I utilized the power outage to do something that did not require any kind of electronics or power other than that of my own.

These blocks will sit beside my machine and get stitched one at a time as I progress with whatever project is currently under the needle and foot.

I have no plan for this other than to use up my stash and free up real estate in drawers to make way for new?  NO….to just minimize what I have using every last scrap of fabric.  Who knows, I may stitch my scrap strings together and then cut them down tumbler size as well.  That would make an interesting quilt.  In the meantime though…….I am stumbling with one project tumbling into another.

3 thoughts on “Stumbling…er tumbling? along

  1. I just recently inherited my grandmothers sewing stash. It had been sitting boxed up for years in my mother’s attic. In it I found baggie after baggie of cut up squares. If I remember correctly she used to sit and watch television and cut her scraps into squares. I am so overwhelmed with the bounty, I don’t know where to start 😳You are an inspiration, I think I will just start sewing some of the up and see where it takes me.

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