Trifecta and the Hives

I did not look up this title, but it kind of sounds like a famous band from the 60s.  This title sums up the week.

I love a good fabric buy and found some gray fabric charms on sale and got out my stash of white fabric charms and was halfway to an elephant quilt.  Went online and found a girl colored charm pack with a touch of elephants.  I did not use the 3 charm packs in their entirety, but the remaining squares of the prints did get used in the binding.  I will save the gray and whites for something else later.


I quilted this is a free motion over all design of flowers with loop de loops and leaves.  And here is the back.


And then there is the Happy Quilt.  Every time I look at this quilt it makes me feel warm and happy.  I will be gifting this to parents to be and I hope they like it.  Here are pictures of the front and the back.  I went scrappy with the binding on this one too.  This was made from 2 1/2 inch strips I cut from my stash and the choreographed into specific jelly rolls, so a definite one of a kind for this jelly roll race quilt.

And finally, a keeper.  This quilt top I had purchased because it was unusual.  I decided to take it to the longarmer for quilting and glad I did.  You see these squares are velvet which has fabric pile, and so the longarmer complained a bit about the shiftiness of this top.  And because polyester batting was used it really gave it nice loft.  And this quilt is oh sew soft.  It will be used and abused on the back of the couch to keep the shoulders or the feet warm during the winter months.


So last Sunday, it was a normal day, I made French bread.  For the recipe visit my other blog here.  I had just filled my canister with a new bag of flour.  I normally don’t purchase this kind of flour but it was all purpose and useable.  So after I handled this bread, we had sandwiches for supper.  My upper lip swelled.  Not sure why, and then the palms of my hands started to itch.  I thought I had been bitten by mosquitos as there were little blisters forming on my wrist and palm.  Odd place for a mosquito to bite.  And so my hives started, and due to a wrong diagnosis which got worse and worse and here is it 4 days later and three doctors visits with one specialist I have the hives from contact dermatitis.  The last three days have been excruciating.  Bendryl and Zyrtec did not work and so much steroid use later I think I will live, but could there be a roid rage—I hope not!.  Good thing all of my trifecta happened before my outbreak.  I seem to have a good productive streak and then all “H” “E” double hockey sticks breaks out literally.  Before modern medicine how did people even try to cope with this dreaded thing called the hives?

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