FMQ for a while

I have knocked out a big stash of odds and ends in my sewing pile that needed to be completed.  Got those done and now moving on to something for myself.

Do you recall the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt of last year?  Well, I am finally getting around to some free motion quilting on it.  I have chosen an orange peel design intersecting within each 3 1/2 inch block.  In the pink stars I will choose something else, and that is tbd (to be determined).

I only have a 6 1/2 inch throat space on my Janome and the center of this quilt is really difficult. I wonder if during my hobby of sewing I actually get a little yoga out of it with a bit of wrestling?
I have chosen lavender thread 30wt for the top and 50 wt for the bobbin. I see this picture captured a tad of what I am using for the backing.

This will be the big project for a while and I will be sneaking in some smaller projects as 4 people at work have announced baby goodness, so I will be making 4 crib quilts.  I am brainstorming on one right now and have picked through my stash and come up with an idea.  That will be the next interruption on my blog.

My last few posts have me buzzing about the hives.  Not the kind bees visit but the kind that ends up on the skin, itchy and inflamed.  Four doctor’s visits, and I still have them.  The medicine took the inflammation away, and the other medicine took the itch away, but they still flash themselves during the day without warning.  My breakouts on my hands have almost been eliminated.  The ones on my face still appear.  Due to another shot of steroids Friday leaving my appetite ravenous and a foul taste in my mouth, I discontinued using the prescriptions.  I want my body to start beating this on its own.  So no drugs Friday eve.  A few breakouts on the face as before.  No meds Sat, a larger breakout on my torso and itchy, but I didn’t feel the need to itch.  Today, I feel a lump in my throat as I did the first time I got a steroid shot almost like heart burn.  But I need to get off the roids!

If I have another flare up, I will place my tail between my legs and go back to the doctor and follow his orders this time.  I just wish I knew what was causing this.  There have been no introductions of new soaps, shampoos, or of the like.  No introduction of new foods.  I think it is the washing machine (front loads grow weird stuff) combination of the two soaps we use, but both we have used for a long time.  Hiving onward!

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