Times 4!

Recently I wrote a post about two baby quilts, that I have since given away.


At that time I knew of one more co-worker that is expecting.  This co worker does not know the sex yet and told me it will be ten more weeks before the happy couple finds out.  So, after making 2 baby quilts I thought I could get some FMQ time in before ten weeks.

This was wishful thinking!  I had the en Provence quilt under the foot for two days, and the co worker I gifted the Happy Quilt to, informed me of a new coworker who is also expecting.  A little panic is rising because we all know babies come in threes, so there are two more.

So I have managed to get some done on en Provence, but set it aside to work on a quilt for a baby girl.  I work directly with the baby’s father.  And he showed me a picture his wife took while at hobby lobby, down the girl aisle.  It was ALL pink.  Her comment was and I quote ” it looks like tinker bell threw up on everything”!  They really do cram the gender specific colors down your throat.  So not to upset the mother who likes grays, there are no pinks in this baby quilt.  This is a surprise and I will post this quilt after it has been gifted.

I am using a charm pack I got last year while at a quilt show (I actually won it as a door prize).  This nomad line goes with gray, so the quilt top is almost pieced.  I have nothing to go with this in my stash so I will be visiting my LAQS this week to figure out a border.

onto the hive situation….they showed themselves Friday at work bad enough I was forced to take Zyrtec…which zonked me with an early to bed.  I did have a small breakout on my arm today, but it went away without meds.  I think I have figured out my contact dermatitis.  We will see if I am right.  Thanks for reading!

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