NBQ #1

NBQ #1 is a recipe for my Next Baby Quilt.  This quilt recipe is for one charm pack plus 8 additional squares for the center star, also a half yard of cream and 5/8 yard polka dot.  This quilt was marvelously fast and was easy to assemble.  It is in the FMQ process now and will be revealed soon.

When starting a project I always shop my stash first.  It is good for the ole’ purse strings. 🙂  I had a few pieces of gray charm squares left over from an elephant quilt I made recently and pulled out the Nomad charm pack by Moda and married them together.  I also had some cream, but it was not enough for the size I wanted the quilt to be.  After I had sewn together what I had, I searched through my whole stash of cardboard boxes, buffet drawers, dresser drawers and scrap tote to find absolutely nothing to go with what I had started.  So, it was off the Local Area Quilt Shop, LAQS.

I petted and felt my way through the entire store and made a couple laps because I could find anything that complimented this line of fabric without being gaudy.   I also was in search of a backing fabric.  I have a solid gray yardage piece but it was not the right tone for the gray I had already used and because I was making the backing pieced, decided it would look better if I found something complimentary to what I had.

I managed to grab some gray print with a basket weave pattern.  Kind of drab for a baby, but that is what the momma wanted.  While the quilt shop was cutting this, I then found some turquoise and cream polka dot that matched it pretty closely so got some of this (and bought extra for myself since I LOVE turquoise).

NBQThis quilt was sew easy, I will be making another one with tutorial goodness.  See the funny green above?  Because this color reminds me of baby food turned into a diaper surprise, I stayed away from that color.  The orange was just too bright for a trip of fabric around the out most perimeter.  I suppose I could have went with black, but that contrast would have been large, not baby soft.

I aim to have this done by next weekend bound and gifted to the parents to be.

Last weekend I made a quilt top for charity.  A bunch of us gals from work came together and made some quilt blocks, and I volunteered to put them all together.  For those of you who have ever done this, I would like to pat you on the back as this is WORK.  Our squares were to measure 12 1/2 inches.  We all know that 1/4 inch seam allowances vary as well as cutting and pressing techniques which cause an issue with the finished block being the 12 1/1 inches.  Every other block in this quilt is just a piece of fabric.  When we started this campaign, there was not rules, rhyme, or reason to our quilt plan, so there was quite a hodge podge of color.

I shopped my stash and selected colorful prints to compliment all the different colors in the blocks.  This one turned out better than what I expected.  It is off at the longarmers now and will be donated to Women In Need.


Yesterday I had a surprise package on my desk at work.  A baby quilt recipient from early this year gave me a very large jar of honey.  They have a small beehive and sell honey and beeswax.  And I made them a bee inspired honeycomb quilt for their baby boy.  He has urged me again to make these and sell these as beekeepers are passionate about beekeeping and their is very little out in the market for these people to consume with their dollars to show they are beekeepers.  He has instructed me if I made quilts like the one I made him I could sell them.  I know that beekeeping is hard work and usually bee keepers do not want to part with the money I would need to compensate for fabric supplies and my time.  Perhaps one day, but today I am happy making quilts and giving them away to those who are in and around and near me as they are good people.  This is the quilt I made for them not so long ago.


As for the hives, they seem to show themselves on Fridays the most.  But I think I figured out what I am allergic too.  You see there is a peace lily in my bedroom.  My bedroom is small so the plant is within 2ft of the bed, next to the quilt rack, next to the window, next to the closet (which I usually leave open), and next to the dresser.  Here in Texas we are having a cold snap and needed to prepare my houseplants for the winter.  I had not taken this plant outside for a good dusting/watering down.  I noticed there were tiny little webs all over the soil and thought it was something living in the potting soil.  When I took this out I used a chair to set the pot on as it is so large and unmanageable, I used the chair to wheel it to the front door and proceeded to carry it from the front door to the water spigot 6 ft away.  Whew.  Carrying it back was the problem as it weighed twice as  much with all the water in it.  Where the pot lip made contact with my skin, I was instantly broke out in hives.  Reading up on the web thing in the potting soil, I found out that my plant had spider mites.  Apparently I am allergic to their bite and yes they can bite humans.  Good thing is they do not live long off the plant.  So you ask how these things got all over my bedroom?  Well, with everything being in close proximity, and running a high velocity fan, I guess I blew them all over myself every night at bedtime, which is when I had my worst outbreaks.  Those little bastards costs me a lot of money for prescriptions and doctor visits as well as my vacation time at work was burned up.  They are gonna die!  Neem oil to the rescue!

I had a few places yesterday at work that came up on my hands bad enough I had to take  some Zyrtec.  I guess also by putting my stuff in the dryer, really helped as it killed spider and potential babies that would bite me later in the day.  I am now wondering what would happen if a regular spider would bite me?  It probably would not be good, and it is probably a good idea to keep anti-histamine close and on hand.  I am glad I figured it out.  But when you have the hives for 4 weeks, you get a little crazy and your coping mechanism gets bent and you figure it out from pure frustration.

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