Dual Stars Bound and Delivered — And Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Start

This baby quilt was easy and fast and I enjoyed the design/winging it process immensley. I will be doing another one of these soon and will give directions for accomplishing this easy quilt top.

The parents wanted gray and no girly girl pinks.  I think I followed the rules.  The father to be loved it and could not wait to show his wife.


While making the half square triangles in this top I cut just under half of each of these away.  Knowing that this color scheme goes with nothing in my stash, I knew I had to incorporate it into the backing.  So I made half square triangles from the scraps.  Again following the rules made the backing gray as well.


Here is a close up of the hst’s.


With the dual stars I tried to stay with that theme in the FMQ and decided to do crescent shapes, so it is dual stars with a little moon showing.


This line of fabrics is discontinued and the charm pack is called Nomad.  The diarrhea greens in this really made it hard to match other lines of fabrics.  I finished binding this last night and have another baby quilt in the planning stages.  These parents are wanting to go with pink, grays, and whites.  I will have to dig more into my stash as I made a mess this evening.

You see, Bonnie Hunter announced the colors for her mystery quilt for this year.  It is called Ringo lake and expecting she would call for plenty of neutrals I had ordered early this month the little house on the prairie fat quarter pack.  Some of these neutrals I grabbed from my stash will not make the cut.


And I also guessed brown would be a color.  That is being shipped to me as we speak.  Here are a few pieces from my stash.  Some of these will not make the cut either.  I love their audition though.


And my favorite color is being used this year, turquoise.  I have plenty of that.  They all look pretty to me, but some seem to clash with others and will be voted out of the quilt.


She has also called for melon or coral.  Coral is the color I used in last years mystery quilt, so the jury is still out on the last color.  I have a little over a month to decide and shop.  🙂

I really learned a lot from last years mystery quilt, this year I will pace myself and not worry so much about keeping up (my competitive side may show itself).  Who knows I may wait until the reveal to decide if my fabrics are worthy.  With the amounts of yardage called for these 4 colors, they must be small pieces.  Small scrappy pieces would be pretty with these colors.  Check out her post here for more info.

So I have three baby quilts, one due on the 24th of Feb, one due in March, and one is much later.  We will see what ends up transpiring.  I don’t even have En Provence quilted yet, it is in my WIPs pile.

All is well at my quilting table, for now.  Have a great week!

8 thoughts on “Dual Stars Bound and Delivered — And Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Start

  1. Love that you used the extra HST for the back! My backs are about 80% scrappy because i HATE waste! The rest of any quilt ends up as zipper bags:) Always wanted to try a BH mystery but have worked up the courage… a little too much “planning” for my personality:)) Hugs, GB


    1. Gramma Babs! Thanks for stopping by! I have started On Ringo Lake in the MSQC forum as a group. You can certainly join and just watch all the neat variety people use from their stashes. Amen to scrappyness and the frugal sewists in all of us!


  2. Love the colors and pattern for baby quilt. I also do the mystery. Thinking about half size, but probably will do her size. This will be my 5th mystery and so enjoy them. This year using my stash. I might be a little low on melon colors. Love browns and aquas. Actually purchased fabric earlier in year and have done her straits of mackinaw, currently hand quilting it. I did only 9 blocks and this was a challenge. Pretty pattern but labor intensive. Happy mystery season!


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