The Planning of a Quilt

When the creative juices flow, I find I have to have an outlet for it. With Pinterest in my life, my bucket list of crafting grows. There is so much inspiration on the World Wide Web.

I am currently in the planning stages for two quilts, one for a coworkers baby girl to be and one for myself. I got with the father to be and was told the colors of the baby’s room where going to be gray, white, and pink. So, I proceed to dig through my diminishing stash, to find I have no pink pieces large enough for a quilt. And my smaller pieces do not choreograph well together.

I have been through my stash about five times this week pulling fabrics for “On Ringo Lake” Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt, so there is no mystery what I have in my stash.

The creative juices are flowing but no plan. Frugalness through the years of some hard times refined my quilting talents to “make do” and so that is what I am going to do.

I have enough coordinating pices to make a quilt block with yardage that is soft and girly and will make do, even though there is only a hint of pink. I have decided to make one block for this quilt. I have chosen to make a pink tractor from the farm girl vintage book. I will probably embroider the words “home grown” to go under the tractor keeping it simple.

I have made this block style quilt once before at the beginning of the year. You can see that quilt here.  I will use these fabrics….er….I think.


I have determined the colors I will be using in the quilt along. Brown and neutrals are plentiful. Turquoise is a must, melon I only had one piece. I shopped my mothers stash and she had 5 pieces that might have equaled a yard. I did go to the quilt shop to see what they had and totally scrapped the idea of melon. I changed it to orange.


My excitement is high for both these projects. I cannot cut or sew a thing yet. The farm girl vintage book is at my mothers. And of course the other is a mystery quilt so no progress on that till Black Friday. I suppose I can make a quick trip to the store for starch and start ironing my pieces and drap them over my dowel rod accordion clothes dryer until the great sewing event of either project.

I knew the minute I started fmq on my mystery quilt from last year I would have interruptions. But last years mystery is still an option for the creative juices. Quilt on!

I have chosen lavender thread 30wt for the top and 50 wt for the bobbin. I see this picture captured a tad of what I am using for the backing.

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