Farm Fresh Deux

At the beginning of 2017, I finished a quilt called Farm Fresh using the Farm Girl Vintage pattern of a tractor.  Since the quilt was for a boy, I made it boy appropriate.  Here are those results.


Fast forward to this weekend.  I wanted to make a one block quilt again and since it is in the theme of pink, gray, and white, I thought I would build another tractor block.  I dug and dug through my stash to come up with this.  See my homemade alpha bitties?  They are just bread ties and potato ties and work marvelously.  Depending on the BOM system I am using, I can use blue tape if necessary to mark/re-mark the ties.  It works and hey I am a cheapskate.  Maybe not a cheapskate….I just prefer to purchase fabric with my money not gadgets.



I wish my clothes line was functional so I could just pin this up and get a full picture.  But you are only losing fabric border, no frills just fabric.  I really like the chuckwagon/purina style corners of this block and it makes it look farm fresh doesn’t it?


I wanted the dark pink for the centers of the wheels but thought two solids would be to stark and not enough pattern.  So it is a tractor why not green eh?


My father would not approve LOL (he worked for International Harvester for years so the red is what put food on the table, green was blasphemy).  I need to make this block in the future using whites.  You know International Harvester did produce a white tractor.  Not sure how I will accomplish this, but have years to figure it out.

I chose this paisley fabric for the perimeter of the block.  Farm meets chic.  It is soft enough with white that I don’t think the parents will mind the pastel blues and greens.  This weekend I will work to get it quilted, not sure what I will do for that either, perhaps I will script the words home grown over and over.  That part is still in the planning stages and I will be perusing Pinterest for examples to guide me in the quilting process.

Be looking for a completion of this in the next week, and thanks for reading my blog!

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