My Fabric Stash Grew! Zero Dollars—Priceless!

I have taken pictures around town with local landmark goodness of the En Provence quilt.  I would like to note the backing I selected was neutral with a tad of purple in rows much like the photo for inspiration the quilt was designed from.  I enjoyed this whole process down to the last 12 inches of binding.  I cut binding, going blindly on amount.  And low and behold, I had 12 inches to spare.  Usually I have way too much or not enough.  Win Win!

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For you local readers, can you guess where these pictures were taken?

On a huge, massive, positive note to my stash, I am the recipient of a co-worker’s grandmother’s stash.  Her grandmother downsized and new she would never get to make all the quilts she had fabric for.  I was the “winner” of the fabric.  Five trash bags and one box full of goodness. And just when I had gotten my stash manageable it multiplied.  I would never complain.  And I went through and picked out what I would consume right away and what would warm the inside of a tote for a while.  I gave 2 1/2 trash bags to my mother.  She will go through it and what she doesn’t want I will pass onto the Estitchers.

I wonder how many yards I did get today?   How many pounds?  It is much like the tootsie roll sucker commercial with the boy and the owl from the 70s.  How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop?  The world may never know.  How many yards did I have before this gift?  The world may never know.  LOL

I have received vintage Dresden’s made of 30s fabric.  I have received very nice appliquéd blocks with satin stitching to finish the edges.  There is enough there to make a quilt pretty darn quick.  Beautiful yellows, golds, and cheddar…oh yum.  There were blacks, purples, blues, greens, pinks, reds, rusts, neutrals.  There was even a panel in oranges and browns/rusts from the early 70s.  It had a hot air ballon on it.  I will cut that up and use it in my tumbler quilt I am making.  There was a panel to make a stuffed dog.  there was a panel to make a birdhouse vest.  Can you read the excitement in my text?  I can now shop my stash and have a brand new stash store.  I cannot wait to see what that fabric holds for my future projects.  YeeeeHaw!  What you put out there is what you get back.  It is great to enjoy the giving process of quilting.  And it is so nice that someone thinks of your efforts and singles you out for a gift like this of mass proportions!  I will pay this forward, as I usually do.  That is also something all of us could stand to do more of.  Thanks for reading my blog!

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