Quilting and The Fire Ants

As the days shorten with daylight, one finds themselves trying to cope with less daylight and the same daylight hour activities.  Rush to rake leaves, or mow what is left of the lawn, or simply cook supper before the kitchen lights need to be turned on.  Rushing makes life no fun.  Preparing for the holidays some may get overwhelmed with less daylight (daylight has been known to help get rid of the blues), some get so taxed they get sick (this is usually me), and some take it easy and roll with the punches.  However your next week unfolds, slow down and take time out to pay attention to things that my otherwise pass you by, like a lady bug on the window sill, signifying it is going to get cooler.

Today I was trying to get a quilt finished to take pictures.  It didn’t happen.  And that is ok.  It is almost finished.  I am hoping to finish this before the thanksgiving holiday so it can be given to the parents before they vacation and it has to wait a little longer.  My goal is to be finished with it by the time Black Friday arrives and the Bonnie Hunter mystery begins.  I am well on my way to a finish.  But I am not going to push it.

Here are pictures of it unfinished.  Who said I have to show finished pictures, it is my blog eh?

bindingFirst I started making binding, and fell short, so revisited digging through my stash and reorganizing to find the snippet that I had already put up.

crisscrossbindingI received my simple folded corners ruler in this week and got to try it out with criss crossing my binding and using it to trim before sewing.  No more line drawing…woooohoo!  Those of you who have not purchased a binding tool, don’t.  Get this one instead.  It snowballs your corners wonderfully.  It makes flying geese perfectly.  And if you order directly from Antler Quilt Designs, Doug Leko may sign a note of thanks.  Nice highlight for the week.  A famous person, and I have their autograph sort of.


Binding attached and have started hand sewing…


And then while nestled in my chair needle-ing, threading, and thimle-ing away my oldest daughter screamed outside and started crying “ANTS ANTS!  Get them off me!”  So I threw down what I was working on to knock the fire ants off her and because she was now inside had to kill the ants with the vacuum cleaner.


I have not picked up this quilt since to bind because after that (she is quite the clumsy child) she fell flat on her face, literally.  I think she broke her nose.  She definitely had a nose bleed and a goose egg on her forehead.  Tsk Tsk…..this is my child that will probably break many bones in her lifetime, so accident prone.

And here is the almost finished/unfinished quilt. front and back.  Just pretend there are no raw edges.

Quiche is in the oven, with less than 5 minutes to go.  I will attempt to make apple pandowdy tomorrow and post that on my other blog as I have ran out of daylight today.  *sigh* time flies, the older I get, the faster the time continuum goes.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  And behave yourselves shopping during Black Friday!  May all of you have a safe, fulfilling holiday!


2 thoughts on “Quilting and The Fire Ants

  1. Oh dear, your poor daughter. I can’t click like because this is awful. There is a widespread eradication here to rid us of fire ants for good and it’s quite successful so far. They came in uninvited and aren’t welcome. I hope she improves quickly. Good luck with completing your quilt.


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