Plenty of Leftovers

Thanksgiving meals have come and went.  Bellies are full and ready for round two, three, four, and five.  Leftovers are part of this holiday.  You cook way to much food, and try to eat on it for days before it gets thrown out or grows the fuzzies in the fridge.

In the scheme/spirit of Thanksgiving and their scraps, I have been duly working on a scrap quilt, all from leftovers that I have been saving for years.  It started out in an old pillow case.  Every time I would have a scrap, triangle, square, or selvedge I would put it in the pillow case.  Well, the pillow case burst at the seams.  The scraps were moved to their own tote.  This tote is at the top of the stack currently and easily accessible.  My goal is to deplete these leftovers or at least trim their fat.

I would be sewing/quilting a boy themed quilt top right now as it was told to me this past week that the next person in our group found out they are having a boy.  I have the top already done, but do not have any batting.  I will have to purchase a roll of batting because you get the best bang for your buck buying in large quantity.  I will wait for the right deal and take care of this as destiny defines it.

So, I was itching to use the sewing machine and sew.  The Mystery Quilt On Ringo Lake does not start until tomorrow and I simply could not wait to sew.  I have time off from work and wanted to keep my hands busy.

So I took the phone book I had been saving and am using it as the foundation to sew my scraps.


I grab a few scrappy leftovers out of my tote and the sewing begins.


They are wrinkled and crinkled, but oh so valuable.  To think people do not save their scraps.  With as much as fabric costs per yard this is insane.  I am sewing down my scrap stash to make it a tad more manageable.


Once I fill the whole page with strips/scraps I can then iron and trim them down to make a perfect block.  I am using an outdated telephone book (which by the way will become collectors items one day since everyone is going to cell phones and Ma Bell is dying).  My mother made one of these quilts and used a foundation of used Bounce dryer sheets which is an excellent idea since they are trash anyway and the smart thing about using those, you will not have to tear the paper away from the blocks once you are done.  Green and Genius at the same time Mom!

I am running my strings from opposite corners and will alternate my blocks when it is assembled.  This process is very fast and it is free fabric sew to speak.

So save those scraps, be thrifty with your nickels.  The farther you can make your yardage go, the better for your pocketbook.

Tomorrow once On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt starts, I will put these away and work on them later, but taming the tote of scraps feels good and I am enjoying this process.

Today–leftovers in my quilting realm.  Tomorrow I will make new leftovers and eat the Thanksgiving ones too.  Life is full, of leftovers.  Life is good!

5 thoughts on “Plenty of Leftovers

  1. Totes of fabrics that won’t fit in those shelves. late last year I did begin to rectify this by making quilts with the goal of reducing my inventory. Hence my ring cycle search. Pretty and uses many fabrics! I can’t wait to see what else you’re working on.

    I must admit I am jealous of the fabric magnet you are! I am currently lusting after vintage sheet collection tho I am fighting hard the urge to run out to every thrift and goodwill store within driving distance!!! What can I say? I’m easily influenced. That scrap quilt was gorgeous!!! It also gave me an idea that will make my “color my world” quilt come to fruition much sooner! I think I even have some of that grid web stashed away. I think you’d like this pattern too.

    Sorry to be so wordy. Wanted to introduce myself and say hello and thanks for blogging.

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