ORL 9 Patches

ORL or also known as On Ringo Lake is a Mystery Quilt for us to join in and have fun and perfect our techniques.  Hosted by Bonnie Hunter annually, it is something to look forward to, an assignment, and a goal.

To work on this project, I wanted to deplete my scrap bin.  I started working on a string quilt, because all those scraps will give me a couple free, no cost quilts.  Well that is going well, but with the start of On Ringo Lake, I cannot continue as the demands of this mystery quilt will envelop my spare time making working on other projects rather impossible.


From this above, to this below…

To this flat, ironed, neat, trimmed, scrappy string block


This mystery quilt consumes me….drives me….I have an assignment with a goal and somewhat of a deadline to have it finished before I am bombarded with the next clue.  Just sewing without a deadline set is kind of undisciplined so, this deadline pushes me.  And I am the little engine that could…I think I can….I think I can…I know I can…I know I can.  A wonderful feeling, much like doing a good job on a paper in school when you were a youngster getting a star and a “good job” written by the teacher.  You are pleased because you pleased yourself and you impressed the teacher.  Even though I will never meet the teacher, I do this blog and there are other amazing, talented people who bother to read it and getting kudos from them is a wonderful feeling.  Their blogs teach me, I am their student.  They learn from my blog, they are my student.  Full circle.

The string blocks featured above stored nicely in the empty shoe box I had set aside for On Ringo Lake.  They fit perfectly inside.  Because I utilized this box for them, I had no shoe box for my ORL 9 patches.  What does this mean?  This means I had to empty the other one I was already using.

What was I storing in the one I emptied?  I was keeping my leader ender together inside. Most of my thimbles blocks had been sewn into groupings of 4.  Practically rows.  So I laid them out on the bed.  Once I laid them out, I did not want to fuss over this part again.  So I started sewing them together.  I have emptied the box.  I have covered the bed and sewn many rows together.  I will be putting a border on this thimble tumblers going in a different direction for the sashing.  I will continue on with this leader ender during ORL mystery quilt.  Great progress happened just by cleaning out the box to make room.

This is my thimbles leader ender.  I fussed so much over the layout because I used some of the same fabrics for the neutrals as well as the darks.  Because I did this I had to be careful what was surround that thimble.  The bottom row 4th from the left, this one I used as a light and a dark.  This is a fantastic way to get rid of ugly fabric that would otherwise be in my stash for years.

I have enjoyed emptying the box and gotten so much accomplished this past couple of weeks.  Here are my 9 patches for the mystery quilt.  I enjoyed this immensely as well.  The words used in that mystery quilt post, leaves me dreaming of a pineapple quilt using that folded corners ruler.  We will see.  Turquoise, an earth tone naturally occurring, with brown and neutral, all favorites of mine.


Here are all of these little critters just waiting for the next step.  At least I hope they are all there because my count could be off.  If so, as you can see there are few extra partial block pieces ready to be utilized in the event there was an error in counting.  Linking up with this post on the Monday after link up!

I owe I owe it is off to work I go.    I will miss having so much sewing time and returning to work after this Thanksgiving holiday.  I have enjoyed it at so many different levels.  *Sigh*…..this is a sigh of contentment.

6 thoughts on “ORL 9 Patches

  1. You just might be able to meet Bonnie. I have taken several of her classes. Some in McKinney and some in Plano. Her classes really aren’t expensive as classes go and she is a great teacher. My favorite finished quilt from a mystery class is Garden Party. She later published it in Quiltmaker. Go to her website and check her teaching schedule. I didn’t take any last year with her but usually she is in the Dallas area between Christmas and New Year’s Day.


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