2 Squares Plus 1 Rectangle = Geese

So I am cruising along with Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery quilt called On Ringo Lake and we are in the second week!  I highly recommend if you have never done a mystery quilt, to bust your stash and visit her website and sew that stash up.  It is not too late to start this and you will learn so much from the normal things that you are already doing.

This week I got to really exercise my new ruler called The Folded Corners Ruler.  A couple weeks ago when I got this in, I was binding a quilt and used this ruler to join the beginning and ended of the binding.  Perfection!  So it works for many efforts.  I thought it would be hard to use, naw, no different than any other ruler.  It is just a matter of time before someone does a tutorial on the pineapple block using this ruler.

As you may have guessed by the title of this blog post, we are making flying geese.  I am sewing my neutrals and oranges together.  I just love the scrappiness of this so far.

cuttingflyinggeeseHere is the ruler doing its job.  I hate having to draw the line and then scantly sew on the side of the line.  Not perfection.  This ruler enables both corners of the flying geese to be perfect.  Above I am showing that you just lay the square on the rectangle and cut, sew, plus you have a perfect bonus triangle corner to sew.

I am really utilizing all the scraps with the flying geese step.  I am not going to waste my $10 per yard fabric, heck no.  So I started making bonus half square triangles out of them.  Winner winner chicken dinner, or is it goose dinner?


These are quite small.  It will fashion nicely as a potholder soon or perhaps a doll quilt.  And then I got smart.  Why not sew them like QSTs?


I have never put orange into a quilt and am really liking this visual.

And drum roll please……2 squares plus a rectangle equals a flying geese block.


This leaves me dreaming of the next step when I am no where close to being finished with this one.  A girl can dream, can’t she?


Linking up for the sooner than Monday, Sunday link-up for On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt.  I am sew excited.  I am no where finished with clue 2 and it has left me hungering for clue 3.  Stay tuned for more mystery quilt action and thanks for visiting my blog….now off to make tamales from scratch.  Be looking for that on my other blog the cookbookproject.

15 thoughts on “2 Squares Plus 1 Rectangle = Geese

  1. I enjoyed reading about your progress on the mystery. I was not able to work on clue #2 this week, but I’m planning to use the Simple Folded Corners ruler. This will be my first time using it, so it was great to hear that you found it easy to use.


      1. Thank you! I will try your technique! My 9 patch strip sets were fairly straight but the blocks themselves came out fairly wonky. My pressing leaves much to be desired.


      2. If you have access to a saw, buy a dowel rod at the hardware store and cut it into two half moons. If you press your seams open on this rounded surface, it actually presses them open further than a straight line. I will try to do a post about this.


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