Please remain seated for this brief intermission

As On Ringo Lake continues in it’s third week, I am mesmerized by the beauty in each block we make and how perfectly the turn out is.  Last year while working on the QSTs from the Enprovence Mystery, I had lots of waste.  These were the triangle units tried from the HST’s and QST blocks.  Lots of it just went to the scrap tub.  I started regretting not stitching the triangles together at that time.  Now they are currently all separated in that tub and can be used, but the perfect mate is hard to find.

So this year, I told myself I would NOT do this again.  It was stupid of me last year to be so careless.

I am working smarter, not harder!  I am stitching those little bits of scraps I go.  I have made two potholders.  One has already been gifted to it’s new home and I regret I did not take a photo.  But I did on this one!  I counted the pieces in this little jewel.  140 can you believe that?  I deemed with the rest I will make a doll quilt and make it a row quilt at that.  I have always wanted to make one of those so why not do it doll size.  I already have all the pieces before me.

So as I sew each piece of my diamonds/chisels/flying geese gone wrong blocks I am trimming, saving, pinning, and sewing those tidbits making something out of the otherwise waste.

This is the nicest pot holder I have ever made.  I quilted it at a diagonal so it will fold easily around a pot or pan, protecting the hand.  I hope it’s recipient will like it and use it.


The borders on this potholder were mis-cuts from making my flying geese.  My brain cut these at an inch and a half which is NOT the right size.  I thought this was the perfect opportunity to use those as well.potholderbOff to the side is the small QST’s I am salvaging from my scraps.  These blocks finish at .75 of an inch.  I did not measure the HSTs but they are small as well.

Through my many years, there were really bad years where I struggled greatly.  The dollar spent too fast and the earning was meager to get it.  I learned much from this time.  We never went hungry.  I was always trying to figure out what to make with the ingredients I had.  My character building years do not make me fear of losing my job or my income.  If that were to happen I am confident we would not go hungry.  This meager mentality parlez’ed into quilting.  At the time going through that tough period, it was so hard and you always felt beaten down.  But I was happy.  I am still happy, and even more happy that this has molded and sculpted the person I am now and it is behind me.  I feel sorry for those who do not have some point in their life where they struggle a bit.  Those years have the most take-aways.

So in reflection, I am glad I have the time to spare to stitch these little pieces of cloth together to make something that might mean something to someone else.  But most importantly it means something to me!  Yet another chapter in life presented itself and is wrapped up only to continue to the next.

Have a great week and thank you for reading my blog!

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