Chocolate Gems – ORL Mystery

Following along on the On Ringo Lake Mystery or as I call it ORL, this week we are combining our browns and turquoise.  I have named this half block the chocolate gem block as turquoise is a gem and my favorite color paired with decadent chocolate browns.

I sewed some chocolate gems Friday when I got home from work.  Yesterday I went to Dallas for some Christmas shopping.  What I noticed, traffic was light, but lines were long.  It looked like the masses were carpooling for Christmas shopping.

Last week, building my diamond blocks, I did not find completion.  So I am still sewing on clue number three.

Here I am with my scrappiness ready for some binge ironing.  Notice the one block.  Yes my ironing board has this turquoise fabric in the cover.  I ran out of the aluminized fabric and this is a simple strip on its rear end.

As a quilter, each week I also have oopses or blooper blocks.  How about you?


One of these is just sewn wrong.  One is actually cut wrong.  I have plenty of fabric.  I learn from it and go on.


Pressed and ready for the shoe box, which by the way is almost completely full.  My son is getting a pair of boots for Christmas so I am going to commandeer the box.


I had to add to my variety so I searched through my scraps and have a few more browns to add to this block.  I am not sure how old some of these fabrics are.  I acquired them earlier this year and am glad I did.  I keep pulling from this lot for ORL.


I am thinking they just don’t design fabric like they used to.  The quality of the prints are sew much more calico.


And introducing my sew steady table!   I bought this on Black Friday as it was bargain priced.  I am currently using it for piecing, but I really purchased it for free motion quilting.  I do have a quilt, all pin basted ready to go, but I am focusing on these chocolate gems.

Sadly my dual machine is acting up.  The touch screen will not work after the machine is on for a long period of time.  I can only assume there is a cooling fan that is not working as it works just fine when just turning on.  I am holding off purchasing new feed dogs for this machine.  So why did my feed dogs wear out?  Well, this machine is 20 years old now and yes I run over pins which contributes to wearing of the feed dogs, but the main reason why they have worn out is my 1/4 inch piecing foot is made with a black metal edge that is always cheese grating on one side of my feed dogs.   I cannot use the credit card short cut for 1/4 inch pieces as it would cover my drop in bobbin plate and my feed dogs themselves are too wide.  If anyone has a suggestion to get past this issue, I certainly welcome your comments.  I am probably going to start using this machine for FMQ only and will be on the look out for a featherweight.  Anyone willing to part with a featherweight….we should talk.

I am linking up with the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt On Ringo Lake.  I highly recommend looking at everyone’s progress.  I find it mesmerizing looking at all the different color combinations and fabrics pulled for this mystery.  It is not too late to join!

I will be working most of this next week so I am uncertain if I will have a post before Christmas.  So if I don’t make another blog post, have a splendid holiday.  Enjoy food, family, and friends!  Merry Christmas!




4 thoughts on “Chocolate Gems – ORL Mystery

  1. I’m a big fan of the Sew Steady table. The extended work space really helps with shoulder strain.

    Your Chocolate Gem pieces are wonderful. I managed to cut the fabric strips (I’m using blue and black instead of aqua and chocolate), but haven’t started the blocks yet. I’m still working on the last few flying geese! Yes, I always get behind this time of year, but I’m looking forward to the winter break so I will have two weeks off with which to indulge in sewing.


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