So 2017 is coming to a close.  What I noticed at a very young age, there is a let down after the holidays.

Lots of shopping and stress, and people surround you wherever you go.  All the troubles you suffered through come and go with just one day.  After that day, you kind of sit down and say “whew”.

The custom when I was young, the tree would stay up until after the first of the new year for good luck.  All the decorations and garlands are put away to be gazed upon the following the years.  After you have all this festiveness, it goes back to being barren.  Even the streets you drive, the lights and decorations are put away and everything is brown from the fall, barren.

There is a let down for me after Christmas.  Some years have bigger let downs than others.  Sometimes I think this is the reason for depression because holiday cheer was crammed down our throats from simple holiday greeting cards to holiday Christmas tunes on the radio.  A let down.

It will be another 365 days before this event happens again, slowly gaining momentum until it arrives.  And you wonder where in the heck the year went and realize time flies.

With time flying it brings me to the reason for this post (gosh I seem to babble, sorry about that).  I am still sewing along with Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery quilt on Ringo lake.  Friday our clue came out.  I did manage to make one brown and neutral flying geese, but that is all I got accomplished.  I was too busy playing catch up with clues 3 and 4.  So all my diamonds and half square chocolate gems are counted and caught up.  Another Whew moment.

Today I am enjoying cruising along with this process as in step 2 just utilizing the brown instead of the orange.  Oh I also made pumpkin cupcakes topped with browned butter streusel.  Delicious!  Interested in the recipe, please go to my other blog:  https://thecookbookproject.wordpress.com



Here are my finger pressed units on the ironing board ready for a marathon of pressing.

And below here they are pressed flat.  I really like the reddish browns.  Not sure what it is with some cameras but they really turn the reds, red.  But they are all truly brown.

I am getting sew excited as this mystery quilt is coming to a close.  I wonder if we are ready to put it together next week, or if there is still another clue.  Either way I will be on time and on schedule.

Since today is Christmas and Monday, I will be linking up with this mystery quilt on Tuesday.  It is not to late to start this mystery quilt, but you now have the benefit of seeing how a good part of the pieces are coming together and can change the colors with assurance.  Click here for all the instructions up to this point.  I still look forward to looking at all those pieces in sew many different fabrics.  When this is over, it will be another let down for me.  I will not have that to look forward to on Friday’s.  But I have made a huge dent in my stash and I will snap out of it.   I have a quilt that needs to be quilted as the baby is due in Feb.  Also, friends of ours were supposed to find out what they were having on Christmas Day, what a neat idea to leave the reveal for the whole family on the biggest day of the year.  So I have this quilt to brainstorm about once the major clue is revealed haha.

I will probably post one more time as a review of my accomplishments, favorites, and a talley so be looking for that post soon.  Since Christmas is over, I am wishing you a Happy New Year!  And thank you for reading my blog!


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