The Talley of 2017, The Wish for 2018

In review this past year, I made it out alive! haha!  This past year had many challenges in the health aspect.  The older I get the more I seem to have to deal with health issues.  Whether it is myself, or someone else, it tends to interrupt regularly scheduled life.

So this past year I had a very slow start.  I did not start feeling better until late summer.  But once I started feeling better, the flood gates of progress happened.

I am doing a count now…..and the final count is almost 10.  The almost portion is the one I have ready for binding on my sewing table now.  It will be completed before Jan 1st.

This is the blue jelly roll quilt I made from strips out of my stash.njrd2

I quilted it with what I called an ocean wave like pattern.


I put these cute froggies on the back.


I rebelled against what I have been taught.  I have been taught to use the same thread on the top and bottom.  I have deviated from this plan.   Different colors were used on the top vs the bottom.  Dark on the top, light on the bottom.  With a different thread weight in my bobbin vs my top thread has made a huge difference in quality of my stitches this year.  I will probably stick with the thread weight change as it is my biggest breakthrough for the year.

The year in review.  If you have followed along with me this year you have already seen all of these quilts.  Nothing new in this slide show.  These are my best of for 2017 or, er, should I say all of my 2017.  I am linking up with Meadow Mist Designs:  Best of 2017 Linky Party.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My last year count was 16 but most of those were baby quilts.  This year I had a couple large quilts to keep all to myself so those obviously take longer.

Most of all these finished happened after mid year, if I would have felt good all year my number could have been doubled easily.

My wish list for accomplishments next year….

  • I have a string quilt I have started piecing.  I would like to get that pieced but not necessarily quilted.
To this flat, ironed, neat, trimmed, scrappy string block
  • On Ringo Lake is still in pieces but I am caught up and ready for Friday.  I assume there will be a clue on Friday and then the layout on the first to start out the new year.  I would like to get this one quilted and completely finished by the end of 2018.
  • I have a tumbler leader/ender that I would like to see completed by years end.  I am so close to having the top complete.



  • I have the Oh Sheet quilt top completed and I will get this quilted.  I am not sure if I will be doing it or if I will send it off.


  • There is one baby quilt I will be making, I am waiting to hear from the parents what they are having before I sew a stitch.  I could make more, its all in the water you know.  The sex of the baby will determine the plan.  So this quilt right now is TBD or to be determined.
  • I have a couple of UFOs that I would like to bring to a more completed state.  If it happens it happens, if it doesn’t ah well.  Here are the starts to these UFOs.
  • I will always be on the lookout for a great tasting recipe to try.  I just made biscuit drops this morning.  If you are interested in this recipe please click here and visit my other blog.

I am planning ahead, I usually never have a plan.  Winging it is my style.  However this year I am trying a different approach.  I hope this allows me to smooth the wrinkles and bumps in life as well.  I am joining Quilting JetGirl’s linky party to Plan for 2018.

Not only do I hope I have much success with finishes next year, I hope you do as well! May your next year be filled with challenges, progress, and quilting prosperity!  Happy New Year!



6 thoughts on “The Talley of 2017, The Wish for 2018

  1. Lovely finishes & you’ve done well. Hope your health keeps improving for the year ahead. Ageing is sometimes good & sometimes difficult & I certainly don’t get as much done as when younger. Happy New Year & take care.

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