Patina Quilting

After finishing my On Ringo Lake Top I took a bit of pause to figure out how to free motion quilt this gem.  Because I was a tad too bright/strong in the orange dept, I knew I needed to tone this down.  But how to tone down orange?  How about another color in the quilt that is complimentary.  I knew I could use a neutral but also knew that would give the orange a washed out look.  My other options were brown or turquoise.  I went a shade darker and chose turquoise.  I am hoping this impacts the quilt positively and breaks up the monotony of too much orange.  When looking at my quilt top it reminds me of copper.  What do you get when copper tarnishes?  A nice patina, provenance…… and the color turquoise.



I am attempting to scribble out the orange with this ribbon candy loop de loop.  I have chosen to squiggle this on all the diamond sashing pieces.  One more to go and I am still brainstorming for my next free motion quilting option.  I want to accentuate the 9 patch so maybe a floral there.  I am thinking of keeping the turquoise and running that through the flying geese with a trident style loop de loop.  I am still looking at this with a very open mind.  I have gotten out my Saran Wrap and laid this out on top of the block and ran my permanent marker over the Saran Wrap to mock stitches.  TBD….to be determined!

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4 thoughts on “Patina Quilting

  1. I LOVE the orange. It is bright and cheerful! I understand your feelings about the strength of the color though. My favorite quilt shop owner always say’s, “A little orange goes a log way”, every time I gravitate to the oranges ( 🙂 ). Your stitching design and thread color choice is perfect to break up the color: This is going to be stunning when it is complete!!!

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