My next quilting challenge

In the mix of quilting, sometimes life happens.  Projects become PHDs (projects half done).  In my case I am still quilting the Orange On Ringo Lake quilt.  A few blocks every night, with more machine stitches accomplished on the weekend.  This is going to be put aside for a bit.


In my post of expectations for 2018, I knew I would be doing a couple of baby quilts.  The jury is still out what I am going to do for either of these quilts.  Today will probably become a gathering day for one.  I found out yesterday that the color scheme for one of these babies is lime and turquoise.  I will be shopping my stash trying to figure out this challenge.  Perhaps one side will be turquoise and neutrals and the other lime.  I have never attempted these colors together.  Maybe I shouldn’t pick neutrals but go with black to really make it pop.  What pattern am I going to use?  I will be brainstorming on this one, probably using my Pinterest account to see what I have pinned in the past for baby quilt ideas.  I love a good challenge, don’t you?

I have three upcoming workshops, one for the jelly roll race, one for the garlic knot swap, and one for the iron caddy tote.

I have started gathering supplies to make another iron caddy tote but this time making it into a lunch bag with oil cloth goodness.

I have also come across a jelly roll with 50 strips all in earth tones.  Beautiful colors and will get to this one someday.

I was also deciding about labeling my quilts.  The labels you buy pre-made are a tad expensive, and I would use many, so I came up with my own label to make.  Whichever quilt is finished next is going to get this label.  I have spent $2.00 on this plus tax and should be able to get 15 labels out of the 2 bucks.  I will probably date it and say “made by me”.  I look forward to sharing all of this with you. Oh sew many irons in the fire, and so little time!

3 thoughts on “My next quilting challenge

  1. Hi, I’m a friend of your mom’s from the quilt group. I’d be happy to show you how I label my quilts. Just let me know. It’s easy and cheap!! Ruth Ann

    Sent from my iPhone Ruth Ann Hurst



    1. Thanks Ruth Ann, I look forward to your lessons! I am having a workshop in Greenville to make the iron caddy tote. If you or any of the piecemakers are interested in traveling on a Saturday I will get you all the details!


  2. I make my own labels too. I use either cream or a pale colour fabric that matches the quilt fabrics. For the text, I make it up on the computer using the size and font I like, print it and then, using my light box, I trace it with a fine fabric pen. It always looks great.


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