A decision and a little play time

So my last post, I knew what I would be working on but there was no definition.  Makes it a bit hard to make something when there is NO thought in your process.

In May of this year I will be doing a demonstration how to use a snap press.  The stitching club I belong to owns this piece of equipment as an asset and it is the industrial version.  No one knows how to use it.  I knew what it did but had never used it and so I volunteered to learn about it and demonstrate how to use it.  Very user friendly piece of equipment.


In my schpeel for this snap press, I had to brainstorm what one would use it for.  Before I recommend to my peers what it can do, and what it can help make, I had to use it for myself with a little project on the side.

I had run across a WordPress blog that offered a free pattern for a dishtowel.  Click here for that pattern.  Making a dish towel for some is no big deal.  Others see the idea of making a button hole and run the other way.  I deemed this a perfect use for the snap press.

I had a piece of brand new chenille fabric with no use other than to donate.  HA, now it will not be a donate but utilized for these ever so useful items in the kitchen.

And here is the easy snap to install which took about 5 seconds per side.  Easier than a button hole, and no hand stitching.


On Thursday about 2 hours after I wrote my blog post, a special registered letter arrived that required my signature.  It was from Hungary!  I knew exactly what it was.  I had ordered the ruler for the Capella 10 inch star pattern.  If you are up for a wonderful video to see how they use this ruler click here.


So I will be making a quilt using this.  Probably a baby size with only a row of stars, or partial stars.  That will be coming soon.


And in my post The Next Quilting Challenge I announced the colors of a baby quilt I will be making of the lime and aqua colors.  I have pulled from my stash and realized I need some form of black or black print.


I have chosen to make the Moroccan Tile pattern by Anka’s Treasures.

A splash of black will really make this pop.


I will be breaking open the newly sealed companion set by accuquilt for the drunkard’s path dies which will get me going towards the Moroccan Tile pattern, but doing it my own way.  I will be fetching some black fabric, hopefully tomorrow.

Right now I have all these deadlines and it kind of gets in my mojo and makes it hard to focus and shift gears towards a goal.  I shift gears too much which is unproductive and makes too many UFOs and PHDs.  Just speaking of them drives me nuts.  A deadline is a deadline.  I want to get these quilts done before babies are born.  I supposed the babies will not care.  All they will want is sleep, milk, burped, and a clean diaper.  But I think giving a baby quilt to expecting parents builds their anticipation.  All the baby accessories to use but no baby.  Two baby quilts by April should be no problem provided my sewing machine does not break down!  Thank you for reading my blog and stay tuned for more Quilty posts!

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