Twelve Percent

January has flown by and the old saying goes, Time flies when you’re having fun!  I must be having lots of fun.  Can you believe that 12% of the year is already behind us?  I think back to what I have accomplished this year so far.  I have progress but am dabbling in this and that.  Progress in that regard to hard to claim.

I have pieced my On Ringo Lake Top.  Linking up with Bonnie Hunter one last time for this mystery quilt experience.  If you are interested in seeing all the finishes and progress for this mystery quilt click here.


I have started free motion quilting on this gem, and got all of the sashing quilted with a squiggle.


I have about 10 blocks quilted all the same and do not really like it, thread color and design.  I will progressing with a different design, but have not determined what the design will be.

I am currently working on the butter and eggs baby quilt.  I got that jewel in the state of saying it is now a top.  I really like the mirage effect this has and am glad I chose for the melons to cut special directional fabric as I did.


And yesterday I joined the sewing club I am in and enjoyed a day of Jelly Roll Racing.  I got to sit next to a young woman who had never sewn in her life and was able to accomplish a quilt top.  It is a wonderful feeling to pass on the knowledge I have.  Life them becomes eternal.  This poor woman, if anything could go wrong, it did for her.  The dreaded bobbin run out, and then the machine she was using belongs as an asset to the sewing club.  Whomever borrowed it last time, did not know how to thread it and a long piece of thread was tangled in the piston mechanism that runs the needle up and down.  Thankfully someone had hemostats to remove a good 8 inches of thread that was caught in the worst place.  I could not get it all out, and thankfully someone had machine oil and so it started working again.  We all had problems threading the dang needle.  I am so glad I have a needle threader on my machine.

The jelly roll that I sewed yesterday (I wish I had a picture) was of monopoly fabric!  It turned out sew neat and I wanted to keep it, but it was strictly for donation.  So be it, someone will be the recipient of it and they will need it far worse than I.  Here is the grand picture of a snippet of the race quilts done that day!


And then I came home and decided to sew my last homemade jelly roll.  Turned out very vibrant and colorful.  Those of you that have a large stash, you can make your own jelly rolls, and these jelly roll race quilts are so quick, and great in a pinch.


Also, yesterday, our group starts a block swap of the garlic knot pattern.  This involves three colors of black with white, white with black, and red.  The club purchased the red as it is a hard color to match.  So all the quilt blocks we will be making next month with have different black and whites but the same red.  I think the dark to the outside is going to look funny.  We will see.  So I have my strip sets starched and pressed ready to get set and go on that for next month.


Lots of sewing going on here, productive, but no finishes yet.  February, even though a short month will be high on the productivity scale I do believe.

I have also gotten a new magazine and been cooking a few new recipes from that.  I have made my rendition of skillet cornbread and you can visit my other blog and get the recipe here.

Be looking for a post soon about a cookie made in the 10 inch cast iron skillet, a huge cookie served like pie wedges….delicious!  Thanks for swinging by and reading my blog!  Keep quilting!

4 thoughts on “Twelve Percent

  1. Wow, you are having some serious fun! I like all the quilts (although my favorite is the orange and turquoise one). I even like the free motion squiggle lines, I think they work really well in the border. I love the fact that all those tops were made for donation! What a wonderful thing to do. It must make you feel good to have participated in the sew along. Happy stitching!

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