A Star is Born

After receiving my star making template I delved head first into making stars.  I wish now I would have made large solid stars for my first one as it would give me an audition of the block without the complications associated with pressing.

Making the centers spin on this is not working for me and I will have to figure out what I need to do differently.  I think the next one I make I will make my triangles and then sew the triangles together instead of piecing the 30 degree pieces to make a 60 degree, and then a 90, and then a 120…etc,  going around the star I think was the wrong approach.

This template is made by Csoki-folt and is called the Capella 10 inch template.  I think I will get my moneys worth out of this.  It makes a perfect block, but you must mind your 1/4 inch seam.  You need to make it a scant seam, meaning stitching just outside (by a thread) of the 1/4 inch line.  If you fail to do this, you will give your seam ripper a workout!  (Don’t ask me how I know.)

If I ever make a large bed size quilt using this pattern I will have to have some kind of place to lay it out and be able to sew while looking at it.  Otherwise, all the angles and flips/flops my mind will not track, kind of like an old VCR!  Too much snow globe in the noggin sometimes!

The reason this template works so well is due to the lines for your strips.  Without the lines on the template,  it would be impossible to layout and cut.  I am going to experiment one day with this and add some highlighter tape and stager the strips in the stars for a stair step affect.  Not sure if that will turn out.  I will try it out on my scraps.



Not sure about the background fabric I will use for this.  There is really nothing that goes with this in my stash except some white and I  really don’t like using white because I have children and they cannot keep their mitts off with their grubby hands!  (I cant name them, who doesn’t like to pet beautiful fabric!). I know I will have a lot of left over fabrics and may do a piano key border around the edge or perhaps make this a row quilt on the diagonal. That is still to be determined.

Fun learning something new, something no one else has done.  This template came from Hungary and we had to pay in pounds.  It translated to around 30 USD for those of you interested.

Earlier this week as I mentioned in my previous post, I abandoned my fabric diet for a day and and purchased a kit online.  It hasn’t arrived but was on sale and looks very advanced.  I really like doing really advanced patterns because the payoff is beautiful.  The only thing I dislike about a kit is if I have a cutting accident, and it leaves me short, with nothing for a replacement.  Cutting is my nemesis in quilting.


This kit is now sold out where I got it, but is probably still available in other places.  Be careful as it is expensive because it includes the foundation papers.  I admire quilts with such great contrast!  This is called Fanciful Flight by Jacqueline de Jonge.

My volume of sewing this week is not as high as it has been.  The last two days my feet have hurt so bad.  Something is causing inflammation on my heels.  It feels like they are bruised with blood blisters (much like when you were young and going barefoot and stepping on a rock and getting a blood blister/bruise on the bottom of heel.)  If I elevate my feet, they throb with pain.  Pain taxes my system and pills are not my go to, so I do without pills and keep the pain.  Perhaps I will fudge on my no pill rule and do some Aleeve before the end of the day.

Sad, because all the cold weather we have had, this symptom had gone away.  One warm humid day of 73 degree weather and bam, it came back that fast and doesn’t want to leave.  I think there is something putting a lot of pressure on the nerves in my heel.  I think I may have nodules growths causing my pain and this is associated with arthritis.  These nodules are on my knees, my toes, my knuckles and are quite disfiguring.  It limits your mobility, and the one on my knee has spread greatly, it is from giving so many baths to the children being on your knees on the hard tiles, those gristles bursted and are now large under the ligament that hold my kneecap.  Thankfully the ones on my hands do not hurt, only when you press on the gristle under the skin.  I hope I get as much quilting in now, while I am healthy because I fear my hobby will diminish as I age.  I know of no one in the family that has had this and this is something inherited. But in the past people did not speak of their aches and pains, they just lived with it.  And here I am complaining to you, and there is nothing you can do!

I am off to do laundry and vacuuming, Chicken and Dumplings from scratch for supper.  The rest of the weekend is to be determined.  Have a great weekend and thanks for reading my blog!


5 thoughts on “A Star is Born

  1. I’m soon to have a similar problem with a block called Connecticut in my latest quilt. There’s far too many layers of fabric in the middle. Your attempt looks great from here but I suspect I’m going to have to cheat and have less seams at the centre of my block. Either that or make it with ultra fine fabric instead. I love the new quilt kit design too.


  2. I’m sorry to hear about your foot pain. I deal with arthritis in many of my joints. I wonder if you have considered the cause of your heel pain to be plantar fasciitis. I have that and had considerable heel pain many years ago. The plantar tendon rubbed across the heel causing bone spurs. I had them removed surgically first on one foot and then the other. I have to be very careful of the shoes I wear and stretch my arches every day. When it first happened, I thought I had a stone bruise. There are exercises that can help. Please let me know if I can help. Resting your feet when you have a flare up helps too.

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