Tumble Bumble Along

The trend these days in blog land is join/participate in a quilt along.  And some of you are participating in my sew along without even knowing it.  How is this possible you ask?  If you have ever sewn a leader ender, or are doing so right now, then we are participating in the sew along together.

A leader ender is a simple quilt pattern where you can have blocks setting next to your sewing machine albeit strips, 4 patches, HSTs or tumblers.  As you end a seam of your current project, you always sew part of the leader ender and have a piece under your foot so you don’t waste so much thread and it also helps older machines from getting hung up and nesting on the back side of your stitches.  I started work on my tumbler leader ender in October and got so far.  Then I set it aside to sew On Ringo Lake.  My leader enders at that time were the small HSTs that I trimmed off the corners of the flying geese blocks.  I wanted to make sure I utilized all that expensive fabric.  Now that the flimsy of On Ringo lake is behind me I wanted to get the tumbler leader ender out of my way.

I don’t know how many times I have moved it, touched it, picked it up, and put it down.  I had made great progress but still had all these single blocks as well as paired and quad strips that would be in my way and get relocated, until they were in my way again.  (A frequent occurrence if you sew in a small space).  Yesterday I sewed the main part of the quilt with one border side.  I counted the pieces I have left and will have to delve into the scrap bin and stash for the remainder of the three sides and start accuquilt cutting those.  This is what I love about a scrappy quilt.  You can add a different fabric at anytime with no one being the wiser.


For the borders of this quilt, I decided to turn the tumbler block 90 degrees and am happy with this effect.  I will do this on the remaining 3 sides.


This being on my mind for a good 24 hours, I kept wondering how am I going to do the cornerstones of the quilt and then it came to me in the wee hours of this morning.  I will sew them and create a curve and trim them up to fit the corners.  Not there yet, but hopefully by the weekend be done with this top.

I have already signed up on a long waiting list to get this hand quilted, and hurray it costs no more than if I were to get it long armed with a pantograph pattern.  Once I get this quilted (which is months out) I will pass on the price and contact information for those of you wanting their services.  All proceeds benefit our city’s senior citizen center for supplies and nice treats for the seniors lunch.  (On Valentines day everyone who came ended up with cake and ice cream)

After sewing my top I trimmed up the edges which looked like this and then sewed the flat tumbler tops and bottoms to the now trimmed edge.


I am still working the star quilt and am liking the affect of star tails.  I need to figure out an overall fabric for the rest of this quilt and will probably have to go to my LAQS to help with this as the only color I have is white.  And if a baby quilt is going to get used, white is not a friendly color for mom’s laundry schedule.star8

A balmy 70 degrees this evening and we will see what the night offers my needle and thread.  Thank you for reading my blog, Happy Monday!

One thought on “Tumble Bumble Along

  1. My OH bought me the On Ringo lake pattern for my birthday. I’m looking forward to making it. Your tumbler quilt is so effective. I’m intrigued to see how the corners turn out. It sounds like you have a great idea lined up.


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