Fumbler Fan Flimsy Finish!

Boy howdy!  Say that three times real fast!  As promised (well not promised but noted) my goal was to have the tumbler quilt top finished by Saturday and I have met this goal.

Here is the main body of the quilt top
Borders added that look like this on two sides
Here is the top border, this is the short side and destined for under the pillows.  I really flubbed up on the top border of the quilt.  So tumbler became fumbler.  But I am not taking out a stitch.
A wide and narrow border come together.  It was not planned like this, but ended up like this.  Who says quilt blocks always have to be square?   This was a nice change.  The tumbler fans are stitched together and then with right sides towards fusible interfacing stitched to fusible interfacing.  The interfacing snipped in the middle, turned right side out and pressed into place and basted onto the quilt block.
And here is the plan for the drape off the foot of the bed.  Sorry for the blurry photo, but someone messed with my camera settings and I did not know it until I went to edit my photos.  Blurred photos are better than no photos?

I will probably blanket stitch around the tumbler fans before this gets hand quilted.  I did not take measurements but know this is not perfectly square.  It fits nicely with drape on my queen size bed.  I can’t wait to get this hand quilted and feeling the softness cuddle me while I sleep.

In lieu of getting the Fumbler quilt finished and off my work space, I have completely abandoned the baby quilt I am making.  I stalled on this because I do not want to buy any fabric.  Shopping the stash is work, you have to stack and unstack large totes loaded with many fabric pounds.  I managed to find some gray solid for the rest of the quilt top.  I will probably put little calico printed pieces for more action lines for the star randomly on the quilt top to break up the drab gray a tad.  Not sure if I will do this today or not, but am glad I did not have to purchase fabric. (I did discover I have nothing to go with this for a backing so I will be going to the fabric store).


If I do anything with this for the weekend I will get it finished into a strip and get all those y seams put in and get the hard part out of the way for mindless sewing when I need it.

And the kit I purchased arrived and I have read the instruction booklet.


This quilt is so complicated it has a booklet of 36 pages to explain things.  I can tell after reading through the whole thing,  it was severely edited because it doesn’t tell you key notes until halfway through.   It also recommended to check the website for mistakes and notations to be added to the pattern.  After doing this I marked up a small subsection of cutting instructions.  According to becolourful.com those added pieces will leave me just a hair of fabric left and gave the manufacturer information to get more fabric if needed.  This pattern maker prides herself with allowance extra for all piecing, but this mistake was large enough there may or may not be enough fabric.  The part I dread about kits is cutting and having a whoopsie moment.  The good news it is paper piecing and is very forgiving if the ruler slips.  I may start cutting my pieces for this and using the ziplock bag system and labeling as I go because of the difficulty level.

I am the kind of quilter that likes to sew one block for an audition before she cuts for a whole quilt.  With the ease of cutting of different short cut tools to speed up the process I think I am probably the only one who does this anymore and will probably go against my own grain and refrain from the audition block.  I think doing the same block consecutively will improve accuracy with each block and mastery before I complete all the blocks.

The good news with the complicated and  intricate pieces for the becolourful pattern, if I do cut this up and bag the pieces I will be able to sew and put away quickly if another baby quilt is needing to be stitched.  I figure with all the foundation paper piecing, it is going to be long and slow and will have many interruptions.  Who knows I may grow tired of doing the same one over and over and switch gears to one of my UFOs.  I really need to get going on at least two of those.  I have these two to choose from, one would be a quick finish, but it is the dragging everything out and putting away everything you are working on.  When you have a small space like mine, you don’t care for this part of your hobby.

Next weekend is my sewing club’s workshop and we will be making the garlic knot quilt blocks.  Mine will look like these.  All of us ladies will have the ability to swap 40 blocks with one another.  They claim it will be a scrappy look.  Somewhat it will, but there will be a lot of red in this quilt.  I am not really a red person.  It is a wait and see thing.  I am still dreading the 1/4 seam allowance on other people’s blocks.  Most non-quilters do not pay heed to the rule.  Perhaps when I get other peoples blocks I will tear them down completely and rebuild.  Not my favorite colors but the process is nice, and my optimism vs pessimism….well one of these will win in the end.  The jury is still out on the winner of that battle, another wait and see moment in life.


Whilst the rest of the house was sleeping I was editing and writing this blog.  I have the whole day ahead of me and look forward to the slow pace of weekend normal-ness.   We have gotten much rain, days and days of it.  I was excited yesterday to actually walk in to work without being rained on.  I will probably need to wash my jacket today as it has gotten wet so many times this week that it may be growing mold!  I am happy as a clam to be inside hearing the rain drops fall outside.

Enjoy your weekend!

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