Being Colorful

Whoa!  They say “Time flies when you are having fun!”  Jeezo Pete, I must be having a blast.  February is already coming to a close, can you believe it?  It seems like last week was New Years.

My scheme for the weekend was to cut all my BOM parts for each of the foundation pattern pieces in the quilt kit called Be Colourful by Jacqueline De Jonge.  It was a bit intimidating at first with a 36 page booklet.  Most of these pages were cutting tables for each of the coded  foundation flying geese circles.

All day Saturday and a huge chunk of Sunday, I went through each color one by one and rotary cut various sizes.  I was worried about cutting wrong, but realized after the first color cuts, that there were predominately two sizes used with 1/4 inch loss.  By cutting my fabrics the way I did, so far I have ample fabric leftover.

The colors of fabrics amaze me.  Perhaps something I would not even look at in a quilt shop, placed with a couple of other fabrics all playing the color wheel game with one another, really speak to me.  The colors jump off the cloth and strike my eyes with the greatest beauty.  Boy does that sound cheesy!  I am rambling!

The colors in this quilt kit, some are so close in color my eyes cannot tell the difference, so when I cut, I assigned what I though was the right number to the swatches and will continue with that plan throughout the quilt right or wrong, no matter.  It will be beautiful regardless.

All my baggies are filled with rich, vibrant batiks.  Each baggie labeled with the correct number foundation piece pattern.  The layout of this quilt kit/pattern is rather genius.  I dreaded the cutting, but because everything was so precise, loved this part of the process.  Not too much of one fabric to cut, to get bored with before moving onto the next color.

Now I am actually sewing the foundations and am enjoying this process immensely as well.  Because all the pieces are cut, this is quicker than I thought.  My sewing table is not a mess because the cutting part of the job is behind me.  The play of colors, the contrast of the colors is beautiful.  I just had to sew these quick.  And will probably sew a few more, and get a bit of this out of my system before getting back to the Star quilt.  (The star quilt needed more fabric for the backing so I made a quick trip today and scored the backing.)


See how the royal blues are almost identical in color hue?  See how lovely the contrast is?  I am in awe of this whole thing, and it takes much to enthuse this old quilter!  I will probably one day in my future do another foundation paper piecing pattern.  This will be a hard act to follow no matter what I do.  I am already dreaming of the intricacies of FMQ and only have these 4 arcs sewn.  This will be the wind in my quilting sails for a good while, and am very happy I have chosen and am up for this challenge.


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