Valentine Story

Well, first order of business, I am quilting the star quilt.  I got the top finished and have moved to quilting it.  Glad that I am getting this to almost complete as there is a long bill of things I want to sew/do with sewing/quilting.


The real reason for todays post is the following story.  This may not sound like much to any of you, but one thing leads to another and thought this is the perfect moment to share this quilters story.

On Valentine’s day, I played hookie from work.  Work was slow, so no worries.  I decided to hang out with my Mom and perhaps take her out to lunch.

I tracked her down at the Senior Center in town doing hand quilting.  The big story was it was Valentine’s day and the work they take in for hand quilting quilts, is donated back to meals on wheels and the snap center/senior center which feeds the elderly in our small town.

I learned much this day.  My mother was excited and wanted to stay through lunch because they had purchased ice cream cups for anyone eating at the Senior Center for Valentines day as a treat.  I did not look forward to eating bland, mushy food, but would not change the day for anything as it was a grand adventure.

As people arrived to pick up the meals on wheels and delivered, I saw many familiar faces, who really do for our community.  I must say I have a grandeur respect for those selfless people who help those that need it.

I also received a good dose of how to hand stitch a quilt, how to bury the knot, and how to end the thread.  I decided then, that I would take my tumbler quilt (which was in progress) to these ladies to have it hand quilted as they keep no money for themselves, and all the proceeds benefit the elderly in the community.

So we had lunch, I refused my tray but the lunch lady insisted!  So we had brussel sprouts (I am a big fan of brussel sprouts, but then tasted these.  They were cooked into oblivion and turned to mush.  Good thing the elderly have fewer taste buds as I nary heard any complaints), and sweet potatoes, ham, cake, with powdered sugar topping, a roll, and the special ice cream cup.

As I watched the elderly line up in front of a set of lunch ladies, it kind of  made me a little sad.  Here these people are before us.  All way past their prime, but doing fine.  One lady had a wet spot on the back of her pants, and all of them in a line, reminded me of young children in school.  I was taken aback.  When you get old, you go back into your second childhood.  I am forever changed by this day.

After this was over, Mom and I decided to hit the antique mall in the big town 30 minutes west of us.  She had also made a facebook marketplace contact to purchase thread holders.

Mom purchased nothing at the antique stores, but we both enjoyed looking.  I found an old book with jump rope rhymes and thought it was kind of neat.  Most of these in the book I had never heard.

We made it to the ladies house who was selling the thread holders, and mom snatched them up for the inexpensive price the lady offered.  She also said she had other things for sale and invited us in.  She had several sewing machines.  I spied a featherweight.  She said it worked and that she had not serviced it yet and would be willing to part with it.  Mom was interested in the baby lock embroidery machine, we both mulled it over while this quilter invited us into her house to see an old featherweight cabinet.  Neat, and a real beauty.  Next to this woman’s couch she had her rendition of On Ringo Lake, all complete and quilted and bound up.  Her colors were lovely with melon, dark blue, and a red with a touch of turquoise.  Absolutely beautiful.  We got to talking about that quilt and I confessed that I had made one as well, but mine is not yet finished.  She asked if I had done last years Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt and I said yes!  She went back to her bedroom and brought out her version of En Provence.  We talked some more, and said if we changed our minds about the machines, we would let her know.  It was the most amazing connection with a perfect stranger.  She was as sweet as sweet could be.

She had a studio to die for!  The price she wanted for the featherweight was way more than fair.  I had kept my eye on these machines when they pop up for sale and I could not find one for the price she offered.  Last night my mother called to say she was going back tomorrow to purchase the baby lock embroidery machine.  And I said let me run to the bank and withdraw some money as I want the featherweight un-serviced, as is!

I got at call while at work today stating she got both machines and because she bought both, she knocked a few more dollars off each machine.  Here is my new toy that I cannot play with yet, as I need to go through it and clean and lube it.  I am straining at the leash.  It came with a gob of singer attachments for the feet.  The ruffler foot is my fav, but will probably never get used.

The moral of the story….my day off cost me a day’s worth of vacation and a day’s pay three weeks later.  I have been wanting one of these for awhile, but could not muster to purchase one online with no guarantee.  Atleast I got to see, touch, smell, and run the one I have now sitting on my buffet, silently, quietly saying “come and sew with me!”  I need to think of a name for this gal.  I have never named any of my sewing machines.  One I think I should call Bobby as I only use it to wind bobbins for my janome.  The bobbin winder keeps fouling up on that machine.  I have another old machine from the 40s and rarely use her anymore.

This was my first machine my grandma bought for me when I was in the 4th grade.  I am so thankful she done this, as I have sewed a million or more miles in all these years.  I have learned much, some I learned the hard way.  I know the inside and out of all of my machines, and it all started with her.  Her wisdom carries me, and flourishes in my hobby.  Everything I make is because of my grandma.  Life is eternal.  She is with me.  She has instilled much in me.  I would not be the same person without my Grandma.  Grandma is long gone, but she lives on in every stitch!

2 thoughts on “Valentine Story

  1. What a fantastic day! I love your new machine and I also have a wonderful lady in my past who taught me to sew. I recently posted about a book I read recently and without giving too much away (until my next post) I’ve also made a very special recent purchase. The book made me do it!

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