One hour

Egads!  It is already daylight savings time.  Your schedule is the same, but you subtract that one glorious hour of sleep, and all of a sudden, your biological clock is hosed!  I love to gain the hour back in the fall, but springing forward, bankrupts my energy for about two weeks.  I will be in sleep craving mode much longer than that.  My productivity in the hobby corner of life will suffer!

Last weekend I was part of a garlic knot swap quilt block exchange workshop.  I finished my blocks, and left before everyone was done.  I got my blocks at the meeting Thursday evening.  Here is the design wall, er…floor.  This will not be my permanent layout.  I will sash with red and add corner stones in the sashings as well as in the corners.  I will layout my blocks in a square.  By adding the sashings I hope to achieve a continuous looking garlic knot.  I am going to admit, I am not a big fan of red.  My eyes do not decipher all those different hues anymore so I stay away from it.  This goes with nothing in my house.  It will be deemed utilitarian, used and abused, but I have to finish it first!

I see that I turned one of these blocks wrong! Glad they are not sewn together!
ThIs is the layout I am going for, but with sashings and corner stones for a continuous flow of garlic knot, much like an Irish chain.  Perhaps I will name it Irish garlic knots.

I am also going to get to know my new/old featherweight and service it.  I see all the places that you are to drop oil into.  I will be in research mode on this as well.  Maintenance is key to keeping a good machine sewing.  And I look forward to my new relationship/romance with this machine.


My Wednesday consisted of working a normal day, coming home and cooking a normal meal.  I had signed a roster at work and volunteered to make lemon meringue pie for a coworkers retirement party.  I had never made one.  My first pie was a fail, had to make a trip to the grocery store for sugar, washed the pots I had used to use again.  I did not get to sink into the cushions of the couch till after 9 p.m.  My second pie was better, and was put on the table at work, and within 15 minutes was gone.  Both pies I made had great flavor, but because I was doing too many tasks at once on the first pie, I did not stir the sugar gravy enough and the cornstarch clumped and would not unclump.  It is still in the refrigerator as a watery mess.  I will make another one and post that on my other blog.  But I refuse to volunteer that kind of pie again.

Afterwards, I will continue forth with the quilting of the stars quilt.  I have not touched my sewing machines and cloth since Tuesday.  I am looking forward to some stitch time.


I have been straining at my quilting leash to get back to sewing more of these.

Whatever may be on this quilters plate will be enjoyed.  Even with daylight savings there is a positive note.  I will not be hungry as I get to eat all my meals an hour earlier!    Happy trails to you!  And thank you for reading my blog!

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