First days of spring!

The last two weeks I cut our daffodils and brought those wonderful smelling flowers into the house along with some hyacinths that grow in the fence row.  As you would walk through the unheated, un-air conditioned house, the smell would all of a sudden find you when you least expected it.  A wonderful thing this spring.  Before you know it, it will be gone.

It has been so fair here, like I mentioned no heating and cooling.  Just fresh air!  It gives me great energy.  A fantastic feeling, you feel good, the weather is good, life is good.  I will need to probably mow the lawn tomorrow.  Ah….the first mowing!  I can hardly wait to smell that fresh cut grass (or in my case weeds).  And when the back yard gets mowed you will smell onions as they grow wild in the back yard.  That particular smell of spring only happens a couple of times a year.  A good thing to have all those smells, and sights!

For those of you suffering through yet another snow storm, enjoy that too because before you know it, it will be gone.  The cold, the wet, the cabin fever….gone until winter rolls around again.

With the high energy I have had, I have pushed through and finished my Garlic Knot Marinara Quilt.  Click here to read that post in case you missed it.

Here are the final few pictures of the top.  I have not heard back yet on getting this long armed by one of my sewing mates in the club.  If she cannot than I think I will do just a walking foot straight line quilting on it and call it done.


Without borders above and with below.


Here is the corner that I will affix some sort of quilt label to once I get it to that point.  It is rather barren.  This will be the upper left of the quilt.


I purchased this red floral for the border in a 2 yard increment.  As you can see by my piecing it was about 1/2 inch too short to make the width of the quilt.  Ah well, once it gets quilted it will disappear in with the surrounding reds.


This morning I pieced together the backing.  I still need to iron the whole backing but will wait to do that when it is closer for machine quilting.

In other news, I have been invited to attend the TOGA retreat in Lone Oak, TX in the month of April.  TOGA stands for Treadle On Gathering Academy.  It is for treadle machine users as well as vintage machine users.  With the acquisition of my featherweight I now qualify for this event.  On site of this retreat will be those who will help repair your machine as well as trouble shoot any issues.  A sewing machine doctor will be onsite.  I am very excited about this.  If any of you are interested, this is totally free, they feed you supper on Saturday and there will be vendors, as well as raffle items for sale.  I am intrigued and am very excited.  Here is a blog post from last year about the events and goings on.  Click here to read that.  I was asked to participate in the block swap they are having.  Since Garlic Knots Marinara pictured above turned out so well, I am going to participate in this one too.  I will only know a couple of people in attendance, and will get to meet oodles more!

So today I got out my 2 1/2 inch scrappy squares and sewed up the blocks for this swap.  These went together quickly.  I will probably make more of these as swapping around 25 blocks that are 6 1/2 inches will not make a very big quilt.

As the temperatures have raised in the house to an almost uncomfortable level, I have stopped sewing.  Relaxing with a cool glass of water, admiring my progress.TOGAblocks


I totally love scrappy!  I think I have accomplished definition of scrappy with these.  All of them are different.  So another project has started.  These fabrics I pulled for this effort I suspect are older fabrics.  The quality of these are wonderful!   The prints are very calico, and the cloth is very fine.  I wonder what era these are from?  I suspect some are from the 50s, and 60s.  I bet some are from the 80s too.  I have enjoyed the fabric discovery of this process too.  Touching fabrics that were forgotten about.  Glad to get them used up, and ready to marry into someone else’s quilts!

I have a sit and stitch to attend, an open workshop to work on whatever I want.  I have so many projects to choose from.  PHDs or projects half done!  I am still not sure what I will work on for that workshop.  I do know I will be teaching the continuous bias binding technique using a square and sewing two seams then making the cuts on the bias.  This will assist the sewing group for a couple of projects we will be doing before the end of the year.  I would rather give an arsenal of tools up front, so everyone’s skill set will be well equipped.

No deadines, just spring in the air and sewing time at my leisure.  Life could not get any better!  My quilty world is always at my fingertips ready for adventure!


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