The Afternoon Longarm

I emailed a fellow stitcher of mine, inquiring about prices, thread color, pantograph patterns, and costs.  I wish I had known to do this long ago.  She offers half price quilting for those in her sewing group!!!  So instead of the 2 cents per square inch she charges 1 cent (hey, there is no longer a cent sign on the keyboard, when did this happen?)

So the next afternoon after work, I swung by her studio.  She has an older Gammill, but with a huge frame and stitch regulator with computer program goodness.  Her set up is excellent!  And the learning curve of the software she uses is very friendly for someone like me.

While she oiled her machine, we talked and had great conversation.  And the we loaded the backing and batting, finally floating the top.  We opened the software program, and I picked out the pattern.  With a few stylus taps and  the machine stitched while strumming some kind of tune.  Neat listening to the tune, but mesmerizing to watch the machine travel the long length of the quilt effortlessly.  Amazed is what I am!  Quilting is a very old hobby and has merged with new technology.  A wonderous thing!

Due to time constraints after one row was stitched and the fuducials lined up on the next row, I had to head for home.  The Garlic Knots Marinara is now being quilted.  This quilt, from start to finish is less than 30 days!  I think this is a personal record.  I wish they would all be so kind on time!


I took measurements, it ended up being 68 X 98.  Nice twin size.  I can’t wait to see the final results and am very excited to share the horrendously pieced backing!  I refused to buy more fabric and used up the leftovers of the quilt top.

The excitement continues in nature.  We had a couple days of nice steady rain.  The grass is so green and lush.  The Redbuds are blooming, the trees are leafing, the wisteria smells so good and the purple flowers hanging on their vines looks gorgeous up agains the green grass.  I noticed some white tulips here and there during my back roads commute.  Spring is definitely springing here.

Spring also brings babies.  Our momma kitty is probably going to have another large litter of kittens.  She is already huge with another 30 days to go.  I look forward to the heredity lesson about dominate and recessive genes for the children.  Last time they were too young.  The other female we have I suspect is pregnant too because the toms have quit coming around.  You cannot tell of a swell with her.  We will probably get to see who the daddies were lol.

I mowed the front yard today.  The weeds were thick.  Ah…..the smell of cut grass.  Ah….mowing the lawn in Texas and not breaking a sweat.  Perfectly spring!

I am currently quilting more on the On Ringo Lake quilt.  I do a block and if I like it I repeat it a couple of times, and then think up a new design for the adjoining blocks.  I find using my chalk pencil, it helps me steer my stitches without painting myself into a corner sew to speak!


Due to no looming deadlines, I am relaxing more and not knotting myself up trying to get as much done as possible in the few hours I have each evening.  When a person feels good, everything is better.  Relaxing is better, watching tv is better, standing long hours at work is better, and standing more hours at the machine when I get home is better too!  I did not realize how much stress not feeling well was causing me.  So I suppose the stress is even better.  I would much rather have good quality stress over bad stress, and now I am wise enough to know the difference.  My hobby really allowed me to get through the last 7 years of exhaustion.  Exhaustion caused from stress, stress magnified by pain.

I think I figured out the source.  Time will tell and I will share another day.  Good Friday wishes!



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