Leader Ender Modified! And Acrylic Pour Painting!

Two things about this post.  Originally the idea behind a leader ender quilt is to have pieces ready to be sewn next to your machine to prevent clipping/wasting extra thread, and to prevent the tangle of beginning sewing as you will always have something under presser foot preventing the birds nest (another thread/time waster and this may be a run on sentence ha).  I have scrapped the idea of leader ender for the Jewel Box Stars Flambe.  !

First of all,  logic behind this change, it is going so well that I am treating the play ball charm packs cut by the accuquilt as the leader ender, and am totally focused of Jewel Box Stars Flambé.  It is fast and furious and have come a long way since the 2nd when this was announced.

Secondly, I really liked the reds in the corner of the stars and thought what if I were to lay out the stars every other one with whites in the star points.  Perhaps I thought this would break up the pattern and you could actually see the star.  What do you think?

Every other star in this is white and red.  It looks nice on camera but in real life even squinting the stars get lost with all the colors and not so neutrals.  A lesson in value of fabric here.

So proceeding I will continue with every other star in white and then red.  I will be sashing these and am in search of ideas.  I would like to have randomness with the sashing but no so much piecing with the assembly.  I am also thinking of a wedge border, which would be beautiful, and I certainly have enough fabric.  We will see if I lose steam.  I have 24 sixteen inch block sewn, and will be making 5 more.

The true leader ender is now the fabric line called Play Ball.  I am working these like a row quilt, some will be like the ones pictured, some with be just hsts.  I really have no plan for this quilt just a lazy idea.  We will see where the lazy idea takes us.


Also above is another homemade jelly roll for a race one day.  It will go into the box ready for a flaming race one of these days.  You know I used to dread cutting and pressing fabric in the start of a project, but I am changing my mind on this.  It wasn’t the actual process that I dreaded it was the  lack of space.  I would iron, only to have to iron again and again.  Since my thrifty purchase of a wooden clothes dryer, I set a day aside to pull fabrics, starch and press them regardless of size.  Once perfectly crisp, I drape them over the rungs of the dryer, and that is where they stay until I pull them off to make cuts.  Strips are easily stored there as well, ready to be subcut.

I recently took a class on acrylic pouring.  What is acrylic pouring?  Google it, you will be amazed at the beautiful sedimentary designs this painting technique produces, and you could be 5 years old and have the same success as someone who is 100.  In other words, no skills required!  Click here to see a youtube video of this painting in action and directions/how to.

I snapped a photo indoors and though, geez, when I photograph a quilt, I take it outside so the color is true.

So here are photos of inside and outside.  I would be interested in selling or trading something for this painting if anyone is interested and totally smitten with it.  This painting will probably lead to another hobby.  Which is ok, as my dream is to create a canvas, and then create fabric from that most original design.


The funny thing about this painting, when you take a class, you are doing it somewhere else, so you have to make it home with it wet as wet can be.  They provided pizza boxes for transport.  As much paint was used in the making of this, it was puddled on top.  I did not pour it off the edges like some do, and so my flowers, taking a curve in the car, ran off the top edge.  My flowers turned to butterfly wings, which is not a bad thing at all.  (note all paint ran into the pizza box, so the car was fine, another note as old as my car is, it would have added something pretty to it I suppose).  I am still amazed gazing upon this painting at the little eddy currents that formed and then the sediments in the paints brought some to the surface as a lighter sediment.  Very earthlike, and very nature like too.

If you have any suggestions for sashing the Jewel Box Flambé drop me a note in the comments section.  And thank you for reading my blog!



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