HST’s Improv Around the World

So, a few weeks back I opened three charm packs, two of the Play Ball 2 line, and one white one.  I ran them through my accuquilt and made a bunch of triangles itchin’ to be sewn together.  At the time I was working on my leader ender Jewel Box Stars Flambė.  I used the play ball pieces as my leader ender and did not get far as there were so many pieces going on with sew many quilts.  I am back at it.


If you are interested in seeing the whole fabric line, it is not available online any more, been in the stash too long!  This is the sad story of my stash.  When I get to the fabrics I want to use, and need more it is no longer available and more improv sewing happens.  Ah well, such is life.

My plan is to make a panel of HST’s alternating color and white.  Then I will go around that with color HST’s around that, and then go around that with pinwheels, and then go around that with a square in a square made with hst’s.  I have not done any counting and realize this may not work.  If it doesn’t, my HST’s will be entitled Improv Playing Ball In Line…or Row by Row.

I have  some of the central pieces ready to be pressed and sewn again.


Some pinwheel blocks, QST’s, and square in a square triangles already pressed.  I have a gob that will require pressing, hence the leaning floppy stack in the center of this picture.

Today is supposed to be HOT.  So, this means a brisket in the crockpot to keep the kitchen/house cooler.  This also means, probably no ironing today as I cannot run that many watts at once.  Perhaps tomorrow more progress sewing will occur.

I am also on the mend again as I have pulled a muscle in my back.  Too much loafing on the sofa (which is in a sad state), so I will be nursing that a tad today as well as the last three days.  Normally it doesn’t last this long.

Since I have went coke and candy free my back has went out twice.  Does this mean I have not had the energy to do anything but sit?  Or does this mean the lack of phosphoric acid  in my diet is causing my back to need that……er…..supplement?  Probably a coincidence.  I did purchase a new pair of comfortable shoes and this could also be the problem, but I think it is the couch.  New/Used couch on the list of my purchases.  This one is 12 years old, and most of my couches from the past are pretty much done in after 10 years.

I am off to put the brisket in the crockpot.  If you are interested in my recipe, click here.

Here is the picture of the last time I made it, delicious!  Ooooo that fat cap is nice and charred, but never was on the grill.  🙂


I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog!  I hope you have enjoyed this post.  Have a great weekend!

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