True Treat For October

Today was the day I got to visit the Piecemakers of Fannin, County Texas.  A friendly, knowledgable group of quilters/crafters/sewists.  And I got to teach all of them how to make a toothbrush rug during their retreat, the true treat for October.  I promised I would post links of how to start, how to tear fabric for perfect, or imperfect 2 inch strips for the rug.  We discussed what would make a good needle, or toothbrush device to weave your rug.  It was a blast!

I have never purchased a pattern, and like to figure things out on my own, sometimes winging it as I go, sometimes perfect, sometimes, rip and repeat.  A toothbrush rug is very forgiving.  For Pete’s sake it is just a rug, to cushion the feet, to keep the dirt at bay, to decorate, and to take the wear and tear.

How does one start?  If you are interested in this, I recommend going to this site.  Click on the link and it will show you exactly what I showed today to get a start on the toothbrush rug.

A couple of perfect images there showing you how to make those first few stitches.

Here are videos of Aunty Phyllis rug maker herself, showing how to make the knot stitch.

Click here


And here

If you are a written instruction kind of person, you can go here for those.  My second go round of making rugs came from this site.

This is the start of a hot air ballon, 1970s panel of cotton/poly blend panel that is definitely a blast from the past.  Rugs are an excellent way to use up panels that have stuffed animals cut outs, pillow panels, and other fabrics that you cannot quite figure out how to use in other projects.  You can really move much from your stash as one rug may take upwards of 10 yards.  The larger the rug, the more it will take.  The rugs in the videos are nice a scrappy, just how I like it, Crap with an S.


There is nice variety in the panel that was used in the start of this rug, all of the different colors broken up, to not be so orange, or brown, and nice to see a tad of country blue in there too.

When I arrived at retreat the yard was full of Red Spider Lilies, these are also called Hurricane Lilies.  In Sept in our neck of the woods these come up volunteer.  I suppose there is an algorithm in what it means for winter and fall.  I have not looked that up, but I would say this year was a bumper crop.


Fireworks in petals, vibrant reds, naturally perfect!

Here is just a glimpse of what other retreaters were working on.  I did not take that many photos and wish I would have taken more.


And a bonus, these ladies so graciously gave me calendars, quilting magazines, a quilting template, a nice spool of 100% cotton thread, some Halloween fabric, in a lovely shopping bag and I am just in awe of their generosity!  These gals really know how to pay it forward, something I try to do and the older I get, the more I see results from this.  A heart happy event, and nice to know people are still good and genuine.  🙂

As we left, at the end of the property on the other side of the fence stood an old (I believe) oak tree.  This trees base was odd, it looked like it grew up and around something.  I cannot quite explain it.  I thought this old tree needed a face as I could see Old Man Tree staring back at me.  It looked like he had a story to tell, and I would love to listen.


See what I mean, peculiar, but interesting!

For those of you that read my blog and were at the retreat, it was splendid, and I enjoyed it!  I felt very comfortable amongst you, and would like to thank you for such a pieceful day!  Being out in the boonies is a lovely place to be!

Onto sewing blocks… last weeks weeks post, I came to a standstill with this quilt.  or on point

A trip to the quilt store, I found a piece of ombre fabric of blues and turquoise.  It was too much drama for this serenity.  I may scan the embroidered block and upload it to spoonflower.  That is expensive and back into the tote it goes until I think of a solution, or see a solution.

Another UFO out of the box, stitching along things going smoothly.  I have 36 blocks done which is enough for a quilt.  I have laid it on the bed, and The Jack’s Chain Circles really show up on camera, not sew much in person.  The block is call Jack’s Chain.  It involves Y seams and is an advanced pattern.  If you are interested in making this block full of challenges visit Marcia Hohns Free Patterns page, or just browse for a plethora of ideas….all free!


I am off to cook supper.  Not exactly sure what, but it will happen.  Do you like to cook or collect recipes?  Visit my other blog for some delicious eating!  Thanks for visiting and reading my blog!


3 thoughts on “True Treat For October

  1. Hello from the midwest! I’ve been a busy bee, trying to catch up on yard work before it gets too cold. Tues it was 89 and today 42 with some flakes! We usually don’t get snow til Halloween and then it doesn’t stick. So maybe you’re right about that bumper crop of beautiful lilies! I see you’ve got your Jack’s chain out. That’s how I found your website! It’s lovely. I hope to start one soon myself. So I really appreciated your pattern link. Now if I can make up my mind what colors. Started out wanting primary colors, then lusted after pastels after seeing a lovely one online, then a batik. One of each? Lol I’m fighting the toothbrush rug curiosity. For now. You probably haven’t noticed how easily distracted I get. Lol. I have GOT to finish these ufos!

    I have some good news to share. Nonquilt related: I lost 6 lbs last month! 20 since October! And doc says none of my labs indicated cancer anywhere in my body! And quilt related: I bought an accuquilt go fabric cutter. Used. My SIL has one that I used while visiting her. I’m not a gadget person, but I really liked the matching points on curved pieces that the dies include. So having gotten it cheap enough, I can overlook its other flaws/cons.

    I’m off to pry the cat off the quilt so I can finish it now. Hopefully. I have some thoughts on your serenity quilt, which I’ll share later.

    Enjoyed your posts! Happy quilting!

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  2. Without further ado … Do you embroider? If not, I volunteer to handle it for you if you decide to go this route. Find floss and fabric close as you can and duplicate those embroidered blocks. Use the duplicates to cut down to half squares to fill the empty spots on the bed top. (The size and design would have to be jockeyed a bit to allow for the additional seam lines) Check out the library or other antique quilt sources for reference. I believe in the past often the pretty stuff was used on the bed top only and solids were used as filler for the drops to make a useable size. Consider a coverlet rather than a bed quilt size. perhaps with scallops instead of straight edges? had thought of making alternate blocks using the green fabric and your tatting. But this quilt has the potential of being an award winner and I’m not sure if it would work.About that fabric, in the 70s I believe the embroidered block kits were sent with pillowcase material.??? Or is it the rougher stuff more like embroidery kits to be hung like pictures? Best of luck with your beauty! I’d advise perusing antique quilts rather than Pinterest which has a more modern bent.

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