Periwinkle Quilt Block Tutorial

I received a gift a while back.  It was dropped in my order from MSQC.  A small template that I had no notion of using, but I hung on to it.  I started brainstorming on this device and vowed I would never foundation piece the block, but how would I accomplish the same results.  I have the mini wacky web template, but you could also do this with the larger version.  You will have to upsize your cuts.

The first thing I did was compare the mini wacky web template to a regular square.  Such a funny angle, and I am angle-ly challenged.  So after doing so I realized that one corner of this is a 90 degrees, a corner of a square.  measurement1

I broke open a long over due jelly roll strip set by Kaffe Fasset to play with this idea.


You will either need 2 1/2 strips or 2 1/2 mini charms to proceed with this part of the periwinkle.


Next I chose a solid jelly roll which was an earth tone that would go with these prints.  You will cut your fabric into strips 2 1/2 inches by length of fabric and then trim those sections to 3 1/4 inches.  For each print periwinkle, you will need two solids.


Then with right sides together, stitch periwinkle to solid.  Notice there is over hang on the larger edge.  This is crucial for an accurate block.  Also notice the smallest part of the periwinkle and how it is situated on the solid.


Finger press (I am still working out how to press the seams)  It is best to press the seams open.  For this tutorial, I pressed outward toward the solid.


Repeat for the second side.


Crucial to finger press again, this time pressing towards the print.  Finger pressing is optimal because you have funny angles and bias edges.  After finger pressing, I wait until the entire block is finished before I press my iron on it.  I do not iron it, I press.


Here we have 1/4 of the block finished minus the trimming.  This is the same concept as their paper method without the paper.  Notice the periwinkle print nests perfectly into the 90 degree corner of the square.  Carefully align to that corner and trim the solid overhang.


Now isn’t this an odd shaped critter?  One more cut to make.  Here is where you will use the angle built into your ruler.  Align the 45 degree lines that bisect over the periwinkle 90 degree corner.  See below?


How does this work.  A straight line is 180 degrees.  A corner of a square is 90.  Two 90 degrees make 180 if you add them.  So if you have two 45 degree lines, those added together equal 90 degrees.  Too much math, ignore that last couple of sentences and just study the picture.  Now on the two solids that are overhanging the ruler, you will trim that with the straight edge.


You will need to make 3 more blocks just like this shape.  Prints/solids may vary as you are creating your own quilt.


Using a pair of periwinkles, stitch, nesting seams and matching raw edges  It may be helpful to pin!


Finger press your seams as you go.  This block is almost done.  Now stitch your pair of pieces together.  And voila…..a periwinkle block.  Trim your dogs ears from the 4 solid corners.  Treat this as a 4 patch block.  Open your seams and spin them, with finger pressing first, iron pressing last.


Notice that my seams are not matching perfectly. This block was my first.  I figured out pressing after this snapshot.    Also, because of weird angles, you want to use an accurate 1/4 inch seam allowance.  This means, find your 1/4 inch mark, and go a thread shallower.  When pressed, the thickness of the thread will achieve the perfect 1/4 inch.  Now is where I carry this to my ironing board and press.  If you have a pressing mat, that is perfect after finger pressing.  You will be amazed at the non-distortion and accuracy in all your blocks.

Have questions?  Did I leave something out?  Did I leave something vague?  Comment and I will gladly edit/add/comment on what is needed to help you through achieving the periwinkle block with no foundation papers!

I hope this inspires you to use some of the precuts/scraps in your stash!

Did you catch my post on the other blog?  If not click here to visit, or click here for the recipe of pumpkin pancakes.

Linking up with the 2018 Tips and Tricks tutorial festival.

Enjoy your week!  Sew on!

7 thoughts on “Periwinkle Quilt Block Tutorial

  1. The way your mind works is amazing! About half way thru I was shaking my head thinking “and I’m reading this to relax before bed?????” Lol. The pics helped and it all made perfect sense. But I would have never thought of that in a million years!
    Btw, accuquilt has a block design contest. I believe the prize is $5k. Just sayin…


  2. How are you guys faring out there in the lone star state? I keep seeing worse flooding and threats of more rain to come. Hope all is well! Definitely not the way to get rid of those army worms.


    1. We have had more than 30 inches of rain in 30 days!.. The commute sucks! I think it has affected my mood. As of yet no damage where I live, but the low lying creeks turn into swift rivers. I have seen it worse a couple of times, but usually it is in spring, not at the end of summer. Now the army worms are gone and now there are twig girdlers! More coming on that!


  3. Glad to hear your high and dry. Commutes always suck, but having to Ford rivers to get there adds new meaning. Twig girdlers … On the edge of my seat! Having been forced to wear one in my “becoming a young lady” days, I can only imagine the tortures those twigs must endure. Do the caterpillars get in on it too and weave tiny silk stockings too????
    Oh God! There goes my good mood! Just looked out the window and we have SNOW!!! Huge heavy blowing flakes!!! I may move to Texas despite your floods and weird bugs.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I got all excited about the girdlers and forgot to tell you why I came! Getting old sucks! Lol. Have you seen Drops of Jupiter? A block by jen kingwell? It’s arcs added to your periwinkle when it’s in its “stealth bomber” stage! Thought it might appeal to you.

    Liked by 1 person

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