Fleeking Periwinkle

After reading a daily word prompt blog, and the daily word being fleek, I just had to look up the meaning.  It is slang and means “on point.”. Of all daily prompts, this one is so perfect, a quilters catch phrase this should be!

The periwinkle blocks I have slowly been working with paperless piecing , I now have a nice grouping for a photo op, but not enough for a quilt.  So from this point foward the periwinkle quilt I am working on is formally named Fleeking Periwinkle!  Interested in expanding your vocabulary and writting about it?  You can click here for RDP which stands for Rag Tag Daily Prompt and follow along.  It will drive traffic into your virtual blogspace, win win!


Wouldn’t it be fun to come up with a new word of the day for others to use in their blog? I am suprised there is no such linky party.  Gotta love the quilty linky parties!

I am a thrift store comber.  Weekly I drop by at least one store to see if there is something that I would use or need.  This week I was lucky enough to find 3/8 inch bias.  Bias of this nature is perfect for making a chenille quilt.  This pink stuff will be turned into a flower motif on a quilt top one of these days.  I cannot remember if I found 5 or 6 rolls. Brand new these sold in the 70s for 6 bucks.  Today If I were to buy this it would cost me closer to 15 for one roll.  And no I did not spend $2 a piece on them, that is still too high considering their age.  A buck each was the magic number. The pattern on the back tells you how many are needed to crochet into a sweater.  Neat concept, but will never do that.


Not much to write about on the home front.  The days are getting shorter, and signs of autumn are in the leaves.  The dryer is finally fixed.  The tire pressure monitors installed, they now read the correct air pressure.

I suppose I do have some news, I lost a hubcap yesterday.  I heard the pastic lugnut go (2days ago there were only two lugnuts holding on the hubcap) and then the plastic hubcap I am positive it made a noise when it exited the ride.  I will look for it Monday in my commute as I made a mental note of the noise and where I was when it occurred, I was in the boonies before the sun was up.  My car will probably start nickle and diming me as it is now more than 12 years old.  But it beats a car payment.  I always said I would drive it till the wheels fall off, do hubcaps count?



3 thoughts on “Fleeking Periwinkle

  1. I agree. It would be fun to try to make up new words. Your quilt looks awesome and lot of work, especially getting everything to the point perfectly like that. I love thrift stores too but vintage tea/coffee cups are more my thing. Ran out of places to put them though so the collecting has slowed way down. I wish we could fold cups down like cloth. Hubcaps don’t count. I don’t often see them at thrift stores but sometimes I see one at a garage sale. Never bought one so don’t know how challenging it is to find the right size.

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  2. In the city of Chicago there are places that only sell hubcaps. I remember, but don’t know if it remains, one such on Maxwell street. The sock guy scared the crap out of me when I noticed this giant shiny silver pistol stuck in his waistband. It was quite an array of street vendors.

    My better half has just informed me hubcaps can be purchased online from hubcap city in calumet park, Illinois a suburb of Chicago.

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    1. The car is not worth hubcaps any more. The steel wheels below the hubcap are rusted where the hubcap pattern once was. It still has a design just no hubcap, which on this car was a waste anyway.


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