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architecture beach booth colorful

Aren’t these photos a great inspiration to create a quilt color scheme?  Finding inspiration at HOME!

Expanding vocabulary and todays word is home.  While reading the ragtag daily prmpt today, it immediately made me think of an old country song by Joe Diffie, simply called HOME.

Home means all kinds of different things to different people.  In the objective view of the word, it is where I gravitate from in the mornings and gravitate to in the evenings.  It is comfort and something in a state of chaos.  Home is a job, something that has many chores daily, with no pay.  Home is full of neccessary evils, that procrastination causes pile ups.  Home is where I cherrish my family and their relationships.  Home’s list of honey do’s is staggering.  A house is not neccessarily a home.  A house is a monetary representation of status and clout.  The home part is free of these things.

Home is where I clean.  Home is where I create quilt art.  Home shelters me better than just any ole’ house.  Home is the hearth.  It is the amalgamation of sticks and stones and the hard work keeping their placement.  Home is family and friends, togetherness with invisible bonds that last a lifetime.  Home is memories, Home makes memories.

Home is a thing of the past, present, and future.  Thanks Joe Diffie for a song tbat says HOME so elloquently!



3 thoughts on “RDP ~HOME

  1. I’ve come to feel that home is where you feel you belong. That feeling of comfort, inclusion and warmth. A sanctuary one creates by surrounding themselves with the people, things and activities that brings them inner peace. Not all houses can be home, as not all cities are home. It’s the one place in the world people are forever drawn to, especially in troubling times.
    I recently had a conversation with someone who remarked upon the fact that I’d built myself a sheltering environment. I was perplexed as to why she’d think that a bad thing. With all that goes on in our day, all the news bombarding us constantly, isn’t it a welcome relief to close your door and only be surrounded by things you enjoy and comfort you? I think it’s the salve that allows me to carry on another day.
    Thoughts anyone?

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